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Auto auctions in Russia

Auto auctions in Russia 1

Auto auctions in Russia

Auto auctions in Russia 2

In our minds, the idea that cars can only be bought on the market or by announcement, that is, “on hand”, has become entrenched. But recently, for residents of Russia, auto auctions are available where you can choose a supported car, be sure of its quality, and also bargain.

There is a problem for the inhabitants of our vast country with buying something over the Internet – the purchase is perceived as a “pig in a poke”, especially when it comes to auctions. However, in Russia there are many auction sites where you can buy almost anything, but expensive goods are not bought and sold often. After all, there is a big difference between buying a car via the Internet and buying “on hand”, since in the latter case there is the opportunity to inspect the car, and, most importantly, refuse to buy if something happens. Abroad on auction sites, cars are subject to expert evaluation. If you create a similar assessment system in Russia, then the buyer will have no doubt about the quality of the car.

At the moment, the most popular auto auction sites are Car & Luck, iAuto, as well as CarРrice. Sites have both different and common features, but what unites them is that any person can become a buyer or seller, not necessarily a legal entity.

However, these sites, like many other auto auctions are not very popular, as, for example, their Western counterparts. According to polls, only about a quarter of Russian residents are inclined to believe that the secondary market will be oriented to the auction system. But everything can change if the organizer of any auction can establish a real flow of cars for which people will actively bargain.

In this case, the Russian market will smoothly begin to upgrade towards the European system and it will be possible to buy a car with delivery throughout Russia.

But if this happens, then not soon. And even in this case, a significant part of transactions will occur “the old fashioned way”.


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