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Auto BMW M5

Auto BMW M5 1


Auto BMW M5 2

The fifth-generation BMW M5 has been mass-produced since 2011. This modification was developed on the basis of the F10 platform, which, in comparison with previous modifications of the BMW M5, is distinguished by increased dimensions. The body design of the car in question was created by Adrian Van Hoydink, who gave the appearance of the car more aggressiveness, audacity. The headlights resemble the tip of a spear in shape, the radiator grille has increased in size, the bumper has become massive, the hood has expanded, a stamp has appeared on it. Consider what other advantages the BMW M5 has..

In the passenger compartment, the unusual design of the dashboard and center console is noteworthy. Visually, they are combined into one whole thanks to a system of visors. In previous versions of the car in question, only two control devices were located on the dashboard, in a modified version of such devices there were four.

The center console has expanded significantly in size. At the top of the console is mounted a large screen multimedia system. Below are the controls for the stereo system and the key block of the climate equipment. On the central tunnel there are niches for oversized items, cup holders. There is also a multimedia system joystick and transmission selector.

The developers of the BMW M5 paid great attention to the front seats of the car. They significantly increased lumbar support, popliteal cushion acquired a rectangular shape. Since the interior dimensions have increased due to the use of the new platform, more free space has formed on the back sofa. The sofa is divided into two seats, but it can easily accommodate three people.

Technical and optional equipment

Those who decide to buy a BMW M5 should pay attention to the option of equipping the car with a 4.4-liter gasoline engine. This power unit can develop power up to 560 liters. from. and accelerate the car to hundreds in 4.4 seconds. The motor operates in conjunction with a robotic 7-speed transmission. A distinctive feature of the transmission is that it is equipped with two clutches at once, and due to this, the gear changes occur much faster. Since the BMW M5 is a rear-wheel drive car, the clutch of the wheels with the road surface is more confident, the power unit is able to give the best efficiency.

In the basic configuration, the car in question is equipped with almost all the options that a modern vehicle can only provide. So, in the basic equipment you get a car in which 4-zone climate control is already installed, an anti-theft system integrated with a satellite communications module, cruise control. In addition, the auto engine runs under the control of a start-stop system, mirrors, windows are provided with an electric drive. At night, you can take advantage of the night vision system, and the engine is started without a key.


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