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Auto caravan and its safety – Traveling by car

Auto caravan and its safety - Traveling by car 1

Motor caravan and its safety

On the way, you can not lag behind each other, so the most experienced driver or the most serviceable car closes the company. At crossroads and in settlements of the vanguard (advanced) team, it is better to wait for others and not lose sight of them.

If your cars will be equipped with radio communications, or unlimited mobile communications, the journey will be not only without annoying “losses”, but also very rich and rich for communication, jokes, exchange of road experiences.

In unfamiliar areas or along country roads it is better to go during the day. The position of the sun, or rather the orientation of the route at sunrise and sunset, must be chosen so that its rays do not blind your eyes. In general, only early morning and evening are suitable for traffic in the summer. In the heat, the rubber wears out faster, the engine overheats.

The passenger sitting next to the driver should not let him doze off on the road. A good conversation on light and pleasant topics, but without sharp cries and finger gestures, reliably compensates for the monotony of the road.

When stopping on a steep slope, do not forget to put wedges or stones, but do not leave them on the road. Very steep climbs, which lack the power of the motor, can be taken in reverse, disembarking passengers, but this requires maximum caution. In general, steep climbs are taken without shifting gears; on short ascents, preliminary acceleration helps.

Caution is also required on the slopes, while you should use approximately the same speed as you would on the rise. The mountains do not tolerate descent with the expectation of one brake and neutral gear, or even with the engine turned off. Frequent braking on the slopes greatly heats the brake drums, and after them the hub and bearings, from which not very refractory grease can leak. Therefore, on the slopes you need to carefully inspect the wheels and immediately add grease if there is any leakage.

On country roads in the steppe, having noticed heaps of land ejected by rodents from holes, go around such places, otherwise the car may get into them with wheels.

In the mountains, and even in the steppe, a flock of sheep or a herd of cows may become an unexpected obstacle. It is better to skip oncoming animals, stopping, but you can break out of the surrounding environment if a person runs in front of the car, shouting and waving his arms.

Sometimes a sharp smell of gasoline suddenly appears along the way. You can’t put up with this, gasoline vapors, especially leaded, are poisonous, so you need to look for a malfunction.

A prerequisite for a caravan is the commonality of interests and views on parenting, and desirable – the uniformity of machines, which will make it easier to troubleshoot. However, at any level of mutual trust, each crew should have everything necessary for a “single voyage”, you never know what happens on the road.

Choose your speed according to your capabilities and quality of the road, its load on cars. But even under all favorable conditions, a too fast ride will result in increased fuel consumption. Skillful driving, proper use of “coasting” – inertia, well-adjusted brakes, a carburetor will help save gas. By the way, if on the way to keep a record of fuel, then data on its increased consumption will be a signal for troubleshooting.

We began the chapter with the council to get cartographic material, but remember that “the language will bring to Kiev.” Live information from local residents will always be needed. Of course, it is best to get it from drivers, motorcyclists; at the same time, a couple of clarifying questions will never be superfluous, because many small details can become familiar and fall out of the field of the local driver. Therefore, try to learn more about forks, possible branches, difficult sections from several people.

If the path is difficult and you have to return along it, choose a navigator for maintaining a travel diary and a route map. A middle-school student is quite capable of such work and should really like it..


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