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Auto Geely MK Cross

Auto Geely MK Cross 1

Car Geely MK Cross

Auto Geely MK Cross 2

Many city residents use their cars not only for work and shopping. Periodically, there is a need for trips to the cottage, a picnic, etc. The Geely MK CROSS model can become an ideal car for everyday use. It was developed on the basis of the MK 2 hatchback, but unlike it has better cross-country ability. Thanks to this, MK Cross, on the one hand, demonstrates good driving dynamics on city streets and at the same time does not let you down when traveling to nature.

Interior and exterior design

The front bumper of the car below is protected by a plastic lining, which prevents the occurrence of chips when driving on rough terrain. Stylish arches are installed on the arches, front and rear wings, the doors are decorated with large moldings. MK Cross is equipped with larger rims than MK 2, has increased ground clearance.

The interior is decorated with numerous red accents. The pedals have metal plates, and the design of the dashboard is very unusual, most of the controls are concentrated in the central part. The speedometer and tachometer are digital, the steering wheel can be adjusted in two directions. Despite the relatively small dimensions of the body space in the cabin for five people more than enough.

Optional equipment, characteristics of power units

MK Cross is equipped with a one and a half liter gasoline engine. This engine can deliver power up to 94 liters. from. and very economical. In the city, the car will consume no more than five liters of fuel, provided that you move at speeds up to 60 km / h. At higher speeds, the car will start consuming fuel one and a half liters more. Acceleration to hundreds takes about fifteen seconds.

The car in question is sold in two trim levels – “Comfort” and “Suite”. In the basic equipment, light alloy wheels, active safety equipment, fog lights are installed on the car. The interior is standard in fabric, airbags are only frontal. In top-end equipment you will receive a car with an alarm system, full power accessories, mirrors, washer nozzles, heating is installed, the interior is equipped with modern climate equipment. In the luxury version, the seats are lined with leather, and a roof with an electric drive is installed on the roof.


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