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Auto Lada Grant specifications, description, owner reviews

Auto Lada Grant specifications, description, owner reviews 1

Auto Lada Grant specifications, description, owner reviews

Grant Auto Lada Technical Specifications, Overview and Design Features

Auto Lada Granta – specifications, detailed description and design features

VAZ Granta is the latest model of one of the largest manufacturers of passenger cars in the CIS. The new car was built on the platform of the Lada Kalina car, and despite the fact that the novelty was originally conceived as a budget car, the Lada Grant received quite solid technical specifications. Manufacturers made it even longer by 22 cm compared to the base Kalina. If you think logically, you could assume that the new vehicle will cost more, since it is larger, but no, this did not happen. Due to the good manufacturability of production, the design of a VAZ Granta car uses fewer interconnected spare parts, they were replaced by parts of complex shape and larger. Confirmation of this is any photo of the Lada Grant car, which shows the front panel and bumper. By the way, I must say that this technology allows not only to increase production productivity, but also reduces all unwanted noise in the cabin.

Studying a photo of a Lada Grant car, it is unlikely that someone will call it beautiful, of course, this is not a stylish Italian sports car, but for its class it looks more or less pretty. Many motorists argue that the advantage of the novelty was that it did not receive compact dimensions from Kalina and does not look like an urban kid, which contributes to the popularity of Lada Granta (the reviews of the owners fully confirm this).

As mentioned earlier, the technical characteristics of the car Lada Granta got good, the manufacturers offer three engines of 1.6 liters to choose from. Normally, a 84-horsepower unit is installed on Grant. The second engine is well known to fans of VAZ products by the VAZ Priora car, it can develop power up to 98 hp. and has sixteen valve block heads. Grants’ most powerful power unit produces 90 hp, it is produced abroad and equipped with lightweight pistons and connecting rods.

Reading the reviews of the owners of Lada Granta, we can conclude that most motorists appreciate this car for its luggage compartment with a volume of 480 liters, a good opening and low loading height, in general, an ideal option for the city and for traveling to the country and on vacation.

At the wheel of a Lada Grant car, the driver feels like behind the wheel of other VAZ cars. The instrument panel is made of hard plastic, the assembly is average. Armchairs are not bad, but due to too soft foam lining, heavy people push it to the frame.

Normally, the Lada Granta car is equipped with an airbag, but there is no ABS system and this is a very strange solution, since in Europe the car security system always starts with ABS.

At the moment, Grant is produced in the hatchback and sedan, earlier the manufacturers planned to launch mass production and the Lada Granta station wagon, but when they saw that it was not as demanded among buyers as expected, they changed their policy. The station wagon Lada Granta was sent for recycling, as a result of which the new car should become more affordable and more competitive in its class.


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