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Auto Nissan Juke RS

Auto Nissan Juke RS 1

Special magnetism from the Nissan Juke RS

Auto Nissan Juke RS 2

Among the prefixes for the names of Japanese cars of this company, one can often find the word “Nismo”, which stands for Nissan Motosport. First of all, this means that such a technique should be faster and more powerful. In their homeland, in Japan, these cars are in high esteem: a large number of fans organize clubs and parties.

The appearance of a new car in our market was scheduled for mid-August, let’s see what this model is interesting.

At first glance, special external differences can not be found, except for some accent details: a red edging on the bumper and side skirts, side mirrors, brake calipers, the presence of a spoiler and several extended wings, as belonging to the sports class.

When looking at the interior design of the car there is a sweet desire to try the bucket-like front seats in action. The two-tone design of the seats gives the vehicle a combat look, while the speedometer and tachometer in red on the front panel more and more emphasize the freedom-loving spirit of Nissan Juke.

Especially for new cars, the braking system was redesigned, the suspension was improved and the exhaust system underwent changes. In order to be able to feel the difference for tests on the track provided by Juke Nismo without the designation “RS”.

Both versions of the car entered the markets, each in two versions, where there is either a mechanic or a variator in sport mode.

If we compare the RS model with the usual Nismo, then there will be springs of greater stiffness, the suspension seeks to minimize roll and skid sideways, the changes also affected the design of the levers. And all this worked to the highest rating, now at high speeds the car is stable, behaves confidently when cornering, urging its pilot to come closer and closer to a possible edge.

For trips with extreme conditions, it is better to give preference to the version with all-wheel drive, where the distribution of torque of the rear wheels is regulated by packages of two clutches. At the same time, cars with “mechanics” equipped with the ability to block front-wheel drive.

They made a finalization of the brake system – they used larger disks for braking, as well as other material for pads (more durable). For high-speed trips, this is not enough, as the test on the highway showed, it would be better to make a replacement if the car takes part in high-speed races.


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