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Auto parts for lifan solano, features of the car and its maintenance

Auto parts for lifan solano, features of the car and its maintenance 1

Auto parts on Lifan Solano, operating tips

Auto parts for lifan solano, features of the car and its maintenance 2

Auto parts installed on Lifan Solano and features of the service of this car

Sedan Lifan Solano, belonging to the C-class is one of the most prominent representatives of the Lifan brand family. Among Russian motorists, this model is gradually gaining more and more popularity for its unpretentiousness, modern exterior, rich equipment, high reliability and maintainability. Already in the basic configuration, Lifan Solano has an on-board computer, heated rear-view mirrors and rear window, mudguards, anti-corrosion treatment for the body, interior lighting, a light sensor, headlight range control, turn signal repeaters in the mirrors, audio conditioning, power steering, alarm, air conditioning. The fact that foglights, four power windows, a central locking with remote control, airbags, EBD, ABS and an on-board computer Lifan Solano already offers as standard is a significant advantage in his favor.

Some owners of this machine complain about its electronics, but as practice shows, these are unproven words. For example, the head unit Lifan Solano is pretty decent, the same goes for the on-board computer, power center with remote control, power windows, etc. Therefore, if you decide to purchase such a machine, then during the operation you are unlikely to have to look for a head unit on Lifan Solano and other spare parts for electronics. And from this it follows that this model can attract the attention of not only rational, but also demanding customers.

The Lifan Solano gearbox is called by itself, like the engine on this machine – LF481Q3, it is a five-speed manual transmission with a differential. The reverse gear does not have a synchronizer, and the front gears with synchronizers, which are designed to align the frequency of rotation of the gear and shaft, while increasing the service life of the mechanism and contributing to smooth gear shifting. But this gearbox on Lifan Solano has some disadvantages: a fuzzy inclusion of reverse or first gear. For the “mechanics” to serve for a long time, car owners must timely change the oil filter Lifan Solano along with oil. Of course, it is best to carry out this procedure at a company service station, or at least at a car service center, which you can fully trust. However, if you are confident in your abilities, you can spend several hours of free time and do everything yourself, saving money. In this case, you will have to buy an oil filter on Lifan Solano (about 170 rubles) and oil (up to 2 thousand rubles).

For trouble-free car service, you also regularly need to change the fuel filter to Lifan Solano. When undergoing maintenance on branded services, this procedure can be carried out at different intervals, but, as a rule, it is 20 thousand km. In fact, given the state of our fuel, it is necessary to change the Lifan Solano fuel filter at least 10 thousand km, or even more often, so as not to get on expensive repairs.

If the need for repairs nevertheless arose, it is not so difficult to find auto parts on Lifan Solano today, especially when there are many specialized Internet stores. There are even disassembly sites on the network where you can pick up suitable used spare parts for Lifan Solano at the best prices.


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