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Auto tuning vaz 2108 – features of external, internal and sports tuning

Auto tuning vaz 2108 - features of external, internal and sports tuning 1

Auto tuning vaz 2108 – DIY tuning tips

Auto tuning vaz 2108 - features of external, internal and sports tuning 2

External and internal auto tuning VAZ 2108

The VAZ 2108 car began to be produced back in 1984, the German Porsche served as its base, precisely because of this the G8 has good potential for further improvement. Today’s owners of this vehicle perform VAZ 2108 auto tuning and change their cars beyond recognition.

In most cases, in order to stand out from the rest of the cars, car owners do tuning the VAZ 2108 sport. Why is everyone so attracted to the sports option? Everything is very simple, since the popularity of such a tuning lies in the availability of parts.

In order to perform sports tuning VAZ 2108, car owners are trying to improve and change the external parts. In addition, you can install a subframe on the VAZ 2108, which will increase the rigidity of the body, in general, and at the same time will strengthen the mounting points of the vehicle suspension. It should also be noted that the VAZ 2108 subframe will also protect the engine from any blows from below, which is why the subframes are mandatory for rally cars.

It is best to start tuning a VAZ 2108 car with the installation of new bumpers, since the factory ones are too unattractive. It is best to install a new front bumper with a large air intake; preference should be given to more streamlined bumpers. Such a bumper should provide normal cooling to the engine during fast movement. Then you can change the taillights of the VAZ 2108 and install an additional brake light. But to install the front tuned headlights on the VAZ 2108 will not be so easy, but if you wish, then it is quite possible to come up with an alternative for the factory version.

Having figured out the optics, you can install the body kit on the VAZ 2108. Be sure to take into account the fact that it is better to choose a body kit VAZ 2108, which in addition to improving the aesthetic appearance, will also benefit the car by improving its aerodynamic characteristics, since today many different body kit options are offered.

Immediately after the body kit, you can install new wheels. But if there is a desire to more radically transform the exterior of the car, you can repaint the body, or make it more stylish and individual with the help of airbrushing.

When starting tuning the G8 interior, you need to decide in which style the modernization will be carried out. The first step is changing the VAZ 2108 torpedo, since it is always in front of the driver and passengers. It is worth emphasizing that the torpedo on the VAZ 2108 represents an extensive scope for imagination, because you can completely change the instrument panel, or you can change it beyond recognition by replacing standard bulbs with a stylish LED backlight and installing beautiful overhead scales that can be purchased at car dealerships. To complete the tuning of the cabin, you can change the seats for sports “buckets”, it is also desirable to change the trim of the cabin, because this is one of the main types of tuning. It is preferable to use leather for hauling the interior, it can be used to trim all interior elements: ceiling, panels, racks and other trifles.


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