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Autogenesis Corolla vs Golf

Autogenesis Corolla vs Golf 1

Autogenesis Corolla vs Golf

Autogenesis Corolla vs Golf 2

It is no secret that each new car is ahead of its predecessor in size, and the power of the motors is increasing. Even the basic modifications of many models crossed the line of 100 horsepower, although in the old days such power was characteristic only for charged versions. And in size, modern hatchbacks, if they were in the 1981s, could well pass for the D-class!

They decided to track the trend on the 2 most famous Golfclass hatchbacks from Asia – Toyota Corolla and from Europe – Volkswagen Golf.

It is the power that is not very interesting to us, because not only the output of the engine increases, but also the curb weight. It is much more interesting to trace the power-to-weight ratio. Until the 1991s, the number of “horses” per tonne of weight grew steadily until international toxicity standards were introduced. Then, before the start of the two thousandths, the power supply remained at about the same level, and then again went up. By the way, just during this period, Golf became interested in turbo engines, while Corolla continued to improve the system of changing the valve timing. Total? Over 35 years, the Golf’s power ratio has grown by 13%. Toyota Corolla’s power boost is even more serious – 41%! I would like to note that all the machines are quite affordable, and over the years, the demand for them continues to grow.

And how the dimensions have changed! For three and a half decades, Volkswagen Golf rang out at 400 mm in length and almost 200 mm in width. Toyota added not so fast: since 1980, the length has increased by only 175 mm, and the width by 140 mm.

The wheelbase also extended significantly – by 237 mm at the Volkswagen Golf and 200 mm of Corolla / Auris. For both golf and Corolla / Auris, this is a pretty big change. And this, which is quite obvious, had a positive effect on the capacity of the cabin.

Our trinity (Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Auris) cannot boast of a wealthy pedigree, but the noted dependencies apply to them. Let’s take a look at Rapid: in principle, it acts as a B-class, but in length it exceeds both cee’d and Tiida, which are a class higher. Yes, Rapid is a liftback with a long tail of the trunk, but the SKODA Rapid Spaceback hatchback, which is not for sale at us, has a length of 4304 mm – like cee’d! The only SKODA is inferior to its competitors is the width. That is why the three on her back sofa are cramped. People still don’t trust Skoda for some reason, maybe because it’s cheaper than the rest?


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