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Autonovels about Subaru

Autonovels about Subaru 1

Without keyword

I’ll tell you about one interesting and extremely busy working day, which began as usual in the morning and ended at night at home.

We have a couple of customers. For example, at the black Forester (below in the photo), it has been maintained with us for a long time.

He is a very scrupulous customer and loves his cars very much. This handsome black man is already the second forester. The previous one has already changed three owners and is still in excellent condition after this owner.

On this car, I do not have many photos. I will tell you what you can, briefly.
From the factory, the car went on a turbo engine and an automatic transmission. I don’t know what kind of owner our client was. Well, he got the car already on a mechanical box. But it was done rather poorly, either from the word “foul” or from “scarce” 🙂

The brain of an engine equipped with an automatic transmission does not understand switching gears without using a brain: it needs to be informed that it is now mechanical. There is such an AT Ident parameter, this is the “foot” on the control unit, which, when “swap” to the mechanics, needs to be shorted to ground. Also, for proper operation, it is necessary to show the engine control unit when the gearbox is in neutral and when in gear. For this purpose, there is a special “neutral limit switch” on the box.

And it is also necessary to “pull” the wires to the brain. And, of course, the inclusion of reversing lights. This was not done during the installation of the mechanical box and sold to our customer “as is”. But now is not about that, since we have already completed all the procedures for bringing the car to an adequate state. Including software change of boost maps, mixture and ignition angles to obtain more power relative to the “drain”.

Nearby is a handsome white man!

Autonovels about Subaru 2

Which is now also our client, but more terrible work is to be done with him. Everything is much more fun here.!

If on a black Subaru they replaced the box, leaving their own engine, then here it is radically the opposite. The native, weak two-liter was tired and was replaced by a real THREE liter Subaru engine, which is famous for its survivability and moment, gradually increasing from the lowest revs. EZ30 first generation.
Yes, the trouble is, those motors were equipped only with automatic transmissions, moreover, differing in including the “brain” and wiring from the rest of the Subaru family. The guys changing the motor did not bother much. put it out … 🙂

(go study as an electrician, they said, it will be fun, they kept repeating)

Here we see the brain controlling the engine and gearbox from the three-liter Legacy. What were the postings – connected, laid as they could. Just wound up.
But a three-liter engine is not enough. A customer complained of increased fuel consumption. A “check”. and the “check” is constantly on, because the Forester machine is not designed to be friends with the brain of the Legacy machine.

I’m doing diagnostics, and among the errors about the machine I see a message about the death of one of the front wideband oxygen sensors.

And the lack of a fuel pump control unit.

I will dwell here in more detail. On the turbo and three-liter versions of the engines, a fuel pump control unit is installed, which, depending on the load (in this particular case), regulates the voltage supplied to the pump within 66% at light load and 100% at full load. The main engine control unit controls this computer. And it is located at the rear of the car, depending on the body, either behind the right wing or behind the left.
Of course. it is necessary to pull the wires through the entire cabin, but not some, but power ones (the fuse for the pump power is still 15 amperes)

In general, the work is negotiated, the prices are set. Warranty Satisfactory J
What a pleasure it is when a person arrives after your repair, or at least calls and reports with immeasurable joy about positive changes in the behavior of the car!

Well, at least it helped in the flow. It will take much more than one day to parse this nest..

Further … Subaru Legacy on the tow truck … Does not start, the “check” does not light when the ignition is turned on. Somewhere I already heard it …

Yes, power or mass of the engine control unit, yes, the main relay. Here the owner is similar to the representative of the black Forik from this series. In a word pedant.
God forbid dusting the inside of the cabin with dust!

No, he won’t get a PM or AKM pistol, but he will reward SUCH looks that before each introduction to the salon you will go to wash your hands and change a clean robe, even if you just after dinner. Yes, I didn’t see it here. He had a turbo engine, he found where the engine is cheaper (than ours), and the guarantee is there only when they are installed.

Replaced the motor. No complaints. Everything is in place, everything is screwed on, but only after a couple of months it is on our tow truck. The guys could not remove the main engine harness from the bracket and broke the plastic fasteners. But, apparently, the owner warned that he was “mu …”, and if, God forbid what. then he’ll peck all the brains.

The guys took it and pulled the same connector with a plastic screed to a standard place. Holding on It seems so. Yes, not everything was taken into account. The connector was fixed incorrectly, one of the wires of the power supply rubbed against the iron bracket. Which have not be avoided. Problem

(and soooo get off, fry somehow (c)

(I need more insulation)

Well, at the end of the day I got a package from another city.
The man sent the engine control unit from the EL154 engine from the Impreza Fox:

(from the Internet)

The guys stuck the EJ204 instead of the deceased EL154. It was necessary to programmatically turn off the EGR system (exhaust gas recirculation), since it is on the one and a half engine, but not on the twin engine. And adjust the control program in the block from the engine 1.5 to control the 2.0 engine.
Work “took home” …

(work at home)

P.S. Since I am writing much later than the events that have taken place, the saved photos remain. The next day, I finally found a solution to the problem that I was looking for a few days … the problem was as follows, it’s fantastic, believe it or not!

Subaru Legacy 2003 sedan engine EJ204.

(nothing so race)))

It was at the end of winter. At a temperature of overboard minus 11 degrees, the car will not start, no matter how you twist the starter. Minus 9 – the launch is perfect! I checked it myself. Fortunately, in those three days the temperature “overboard” fluctuated around minus 15, and when the on-board computer after visiting the service showed a temperature warmer than minus 10 (in my case, -9 or higher), the car started perfectly. As soon as the car froze below -11, EVERYTHING! How snapped!

I just climbed randomly to the engine control unit (well, for good luck, I already checked everything that could have been connected with the launch, and I just decided to throw individual wires on the crankshaft position sensor, I don’t remember why I came to this decision … maybe the so-called “inspiration”) and there it is:

(consequences of deletion and recovery)

The crankshaft sensor wire was once cut by someone to install a “trick” (anti-theft button), and over time, apparently, this “trick” either died or lost its relevance, and it was removed, but restore the wiring qualitatively and “forever” did not bother. After restoring the integrity of the wiring using a soldering iron: “Two winters – normal flight”!


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