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Avto vaz 2107 – review, specifications, price

Avto vaz 2107 - review, specifications, price 1

Auto vaz 2107 – description, specifications

Avto vaz 2107 - review, specifications, price 2

Overview of a VAZ 2107 car: advantages and disadvantages

The VAZ 2107 car is considered one of the most popular vehicles in the Russian car market, this explains the low cost of the VAZ 2107.

The exterior of a VAZ 2107 car was inherited from its ancestor – the VAZ 2101 car, and this has become one of the main mistakes of the Russian manufacturer. His interior also has many shortcomings, you should probably start with the fact that it looks rude, the seats installed are uncomfortable and too soft, and in the rear seats passengers generally fail. Against the background of a huge number of disadvantages, the advantages of the cabin do not look so bright, but nevertheless, they exist and this is primarily noiseless, which not all representatives of the AvtoVAZ model range can boast of.

A few words should be said about the dashboard of the VAZ 2107. Many owners of this vehicle are ready to thank the designers for installing the tachometer, because it was so lacking on the VAZ “five”. As for the ECON sensor, it must be said that it is not informative at all, because few drivers know the fuel consumption in each of the three zones: green, white and red. The gas sensor also leaves much to be desired, because even with the slightest pitching, the sensor can perceive a full tank of gas for a complete lack of fuel.

But the regular clock on the “seven” is generally a topic for a separate discussion, because practice shows that in 99% of cases they just do not work, so it is not known why they were installed at all. Even the glove compartment on this machine has a drawback – a tightly closing lid confuse “untrained” passengers who don’t understand how to close it, but it turns out that it’s not so difficult to press a button to close it.

The luggage compartment of the VAZ 2107 was of medium capacity, although the partition located between the passenger compartment and the trunk is made of paper, that is, if you carry anything fragrant in the luggage compartment, this smell will be felt all the way.

The most popular engine of a VAZ 2107 car was a 1.6 liter engine, but besides it, this car can still be equipped with units with a working volume of 1.3, 1.5 and 1.7 liters. In reality, the approximate fuel consumption instead of the 8.5 liters declared by the manufacturer is 10 liters per 100 km of track. As for the maximum speed of this car, it makes no sense to talk about it, because it’s practically impossible to go on the “seven more than 120 km / h due to the fact that it throws heavily on the road.

The advantages of this vehicle is its low cost and cheap maintenance. The price of VAZ 2107 is approximately 200 thousand rubles.


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