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Be careful: new schemes of “divorce” on the road

Be careful: new schemes of "divorce" on the road 1

Be careful: new schemes of'divorce' on the road

Be careful: new schemes of “divorce” on the road

Fraudsters on Ukrainian roads invent new methods of fraud. One of the automobile communities recently warned of the existence of a very sophisticated version of divorce.

Fraudsters resort to him at rush hour during a monotonous toffee – at some point they begin to take back, coming close to the victim’s car. And then, claiming “you entered me”, they try to “agree” so as not to call the police. A driver Andrei Remenyuk took such a cage on the outskirts of Kiev to the registrar.

The driver was lucky – he had video recorders turned on and the breeder was able to quickly besiege. But what if there is no registrar? About this publication tells the lawyer Andrei Varenik.

“If the person they entered has a registrar and there is no damage, then, in principle, you can save this video just in case and go on. If any damage appeared on the car that drove in, then you need to call the police so that it identifies the second driver, draw up a protocol about the accident on him, and so on.

If there is no registrar, then the situation is worse. In any case, you need to stop and call the police, look around for witnesses. It can be both the passenger of your car, and the drivers of the surrounding cars. You need to take contacts and inform the police. It is very problematic to prove on the spot that it was not you who “caught up” the second car, and its driver “rolled back” on you, the police will not be able to determine by damage who was driving into.

If the victim of the divorce does not have witnesses and videos, they are more likely to be convicted. Is it scary? Not. If the victim is insured, then the second car, if it has damage, will be repaired by the insurance. And the victim will pay a total of 700 UAH fine through the court.

So the main conclusion is that if there is insurance, there is no need to “resolve” the issue on the spot, giving some money to scammers. The maximum losses will be in the form of a fine and court fee. The victim will have experience and understanding that for the money one could buy even the cheapest, but a DVR, ”explains lawyer Andrei Varenik.

You can view the video at the link.


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