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Beijing BJ80

Beijing BJ80 1

Beijing BJ80 2

Last year, at a car show held in the capital of China, BAIC presented a model with off-road performance, made in the style of the G-series of the German auto giant. Despite the official protest of the German concern, the project was not closed, and this model will be implemented in the Middle Kingdom.

According to sources close to the leadership of the Chinese manufacturer, German Daimler owns a twelve percent stake in this company. So the Germans had legal grounds for official protest. Although the model is larger in size, it looks like a clone of the famous model. But as always, the Chinese manufacturer went his own way and brought the project to mass production.

The manufacturer is conducting the final series of tests on its own roads, and there is evidence that in December of this year a production line with serial copies will be launched. But a number of automotive analysts believe that the stylistic performance of the model will be changed.

The technical component of the model has undergone changes. In the engine compartment of the prototype model was an atmospheric power unit with a working volume of two four hundred, capable of developing a power of one hundred and forty-two horsepower. In the serial modification, the volume decreased by one hundred milliliters, but thanks to the turbine the capacity increased by one hundred and eight horses. This power unit is legally taken from Saab. There is information about the possible installation of a power unit with a working volume of four liters, from a local manufacturer.

The price range of the model by the manufacturer is not announced. But, of course, the model will cost much lower than the German brother.


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