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Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed 1

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2

Elegance, handmade, power, style, prestige. Each Bentley car owns all these qualities, but the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​has acquired enormous speed in addition to the above qualities. This car is the fastest among the entire Bentley family, and is able to accelerate to an incredible 326 km / h.

The design of the car came out in a chic car. Refined, smooth lines, not striking transitions from the hood to the roof, everything is moderate and stylish on a car. The car does not shout: “I am expensive and inaccessible,” but at the same time it does not show that it is cheap. This moderation, Bentley Continental employees managed to perform on a car for the first time. If you go into the design details, then the car has a black, vertical radiator grille, with its shape it only enhances the smoothness of the air flow, the lower air intake is increased for a more sporty look, and for the same reason the exhaust pipes of the car are increased.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​is offered to the buyer in 16 different colors (13 were previously available), they added three new colors: green, granite and Cumberland. Two colors have also been added in the choice of interior style, now in addition to the 15 primary colors, green and red have become available. Regardless of the choice of style and interior color, the seats are upholstered in expensive leather.

Car specifications are impressive! The engine on the machine is twelve-cylinder, which develops a power of 610 hp. Thanks to this unit, Auto accelerates to hundreds in just 4.3 seconds, and the maximum speed is 326 km / h. Despite the impressive power of the car, modernization and various improvements, they made a car with a small amount of harmful emissions, and with the help of these improvements it was possible to reduce fuel consumption.

In general, engineers and designers of Bentley – worked on the car to fame! As always, they got an expensive and representative car. The style of decoration is the standard of automotive industry, everyone, even the most famous companies, are equal to the professionalism of Bentley stylists. The leather interior, the panel, which is made by hand, the car is also assembled without the intervention of technology. And all such luxury is driven by a heavy-duty, ecological engine! If a person dreams of a perfect car, then this car is a Bentley Continental GT Speed.


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