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Bentley Turbo – chic in operation

Bentley Turbo - chic in operation 1

Bentley Turbo - chic in operation 2

The model version is most directly related to the luxury class, therefore, the performance characteristics are known to be high. These include several significant facts:

1. Turbo-powered motor;

2. Fuel injection became electronic after changing the basic settings. The consequence was the maximum possible torque;

3. The gearbox is based on a three-stage version. Management is automatic;

4. The suspension is configured on the model of a sports car;

5. The tires of this version are slightly wider than their previous counterparts;

6. Transmission settings have also been converted. After that, a car with impressive dimensions became noticeably easier in terms of management, and on the road the course became noticeably softer.

7. The anti-slip system made it possible not to waste time on mud blockades and rough roads;

8. Shock absorbers of high quality do not allow sitting inside to feel road blemishes;

9. The stabilization function of the side swing is necessary for a massive unit;

10. The control body on the panel board is easy to read and decorated with chrome steel.

Bentley Turbo is a rarity and now there is a horde of people who want to get a rarity in a private collection. This happened due to the original technical properties and interesting design solutions..


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