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Big vs small: who is safer

Big vs small: who is safer 1

Big vs small: who is safer

Big vs small: who is safer

Passive safety of a car is largely dependent on its size and weight. How true is that big means safe?

Russ Rader, Speaker of the US Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), believes that physics always plays a big role in traffic accidents, and “weight matters.” Of course, small cars have become much safer in recent years, but under equal conditions, passengers of heavy cars are better protected in an accident.

The idea that large machines are safe has many opponents who call this belief a myth. But the facts are facts, a large car is safer than a small one, because in a collision there is a greater chance of surviving, because the head does not reach the windshield or the metal body pillar (if you are fastened). In addition, a solid SUV has a large shock absorption area.

In a head-on collision, a car with a larger mass will always throw back a lighter one. At the same time, he will amplify the shock wave for passengers of a compact car and, conversely, reduce it for himself and his passengers.

However, large machines also have their hidden risks, which are more associated with psychology than mechanics. At the wheel of a huge SUV, virtually any driver has dangerous carelessness. According to statistics, drivers of such cars are more likely to scam on the road, not least because a large car gives a false sense of security.

The paradox of the situation is that most fatal accidents occur with the participation of SUVs. It is clear that the victims of the collision are often drivers of compact cars, but the chances of getting into an accident are equal for everyone.


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