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In this article I will talk about one particular case of “pseudo-tuning,” although in reality there are much more such unpleasant and dangerous cases; as well as I will try to challenge the fabrications of fraudulent websites on the Internet, which car owners still continue to draw on the bait. Car Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Wonderful car, big and reliable. The tow truck hardly climbed onto a small climb to our service station, the owner
The story began with the fact that our client turned off the car, went to the store, returned, the key to the start – and the engine does not start. What to do? How good it would be if you could call and the masters would come to you and fix the car! Demand creates supply – there are such services in search engines in our city. Our client was tempted by this, and masters
Ok guys – you tried program keys to BMW or tried reprogram cas firmware and was something wrong… Now car is died, you can’t find CAS by diagnostic and another problems. Don’t worry! You not need buy new CAS module… All easy! It depends on how unsuccessful was the programming. If the flash was erased and new firmware was not completely programmed then you have to repeat the programming – you can’t just manually change
90% of failures in the operation of this engine, installed on cars of OPEL, Astra G brands, are related to the failure of this unit and the appearance of error 0251. Very often, error 0251 is not recorded in the memory of the main engine control unit. Also, often, after a short cooling of the engine, it starts again and works without any complaints. Now, many have “learned”, allegedly, to repair these blocks, simply by
Customer lost keys from his Harley and don’t know PIN – this is not the problem! It’s very easy with our tools. In first you need read PIN-code from Harley Davidson ECU. You need Simplediag interface. And license for read PIN-code. When PIN will found use these algorithms for learn new keys: TSSM equipped bikes To reset the code with a TSSM equipped bike (with button fob), you should: 1) Set your kill switch to

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