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Issues of car theft protection, review and classification of anti-theft systems

Issues of car theft protection, review and classification of anti-theft systems   Crimes related to the theft of cars, more than a decade are a serious problem for countries around

How to renew and personalize Mercedes-Benz EZS (ignition switch)

Very easy way for renew and personalize mercedes ignition swith (EZS/EIS) with Mercedes Extreme tool: https://carscanners.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/EZS-renew-and-personalization-720p.mp4 MB Extreme tool

How to renew Mercedes ECU with Simplediag interface

Easy way for renew Mercedes ECU with Simplediag interface https://carscanners.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Extreme-MB-Renew-tool-using-Simplediag-interface.mp4

How to activate AMG mode with Seed Key Generator Tool

Easy way for activate AMG mode for Mercedes w2014, w212, w209 etc… with Vediamo/Monaco software and Seed Key Generator https://carscanners.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/W204-AMG-activation-with-Vediamo-and-SKGT.mp4 Seed key generator you can find there: https://carscanners.net/product-category/seed-key-generator-tool-for-vediamo-and-monaco/

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200. Pseudo-tuning

In this article I will talk about one particular case of “pseudo-tuning,” although in reality there are much more such unpleasant and dangerous cases; as well as I will try

Cadillac ESCALADE. Starter does not twist.

The story began with the fact that our client turned off the car, went to the store, returned, the key to the start – and the engine does not start.

How to repair BMW CAS module (immo box) after unseccesful programming – small note

Ok guys – you tried program keys to BMW or tried reprogram cas firmware and was something wrong… Now car is died, you can’t find CAS by diagnostic and another

How to repair GM (Opel) ecu Y17DT with error 0251

90% of failures in the operation of this engine, installed on cars of OPEL, Astra G brands, are related to the failure of this unit and the appearance of error

How to: Program keys to Harley Davidson if all keys LOST and PIN unknown

Customer lost keys from his Harley and don’t know PIN – this is not the problem! It’s very easy with our tools. In first you need read PIN-code from Harley

All about Harley Davidson Security System

Most modern serially produced Harley-Davidson motorcycles in their basic configuration are equipped with the Smart Security System security system, part of which is a remote key fob that provides remote

HOW TO: error P0601 – Repair Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU by myself.

HOW TO: error P0601 – Repair Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU by myself. Repair the computer with your own hands!
For many, it is no secret that the P0601 error leads to

HOW TO: Learn smart-key to Kia Sorento 2017y.

HOW TO: Learn smart-key to Kia Sorento 2017y. It’s very easy. And more faster then make a sandwich 🙂 Take any multibrand scanner – for sample Topdon, Autel or Launch.

One of the diseases of Mercedes cars – steering lock (ESL)

I would like to tell you about one of the diseases of Mercedes cars – steering lock (ESL). The Mercedes access authorization system in w204, W207, W212 includes a steering

Why the Mercedes IR key might not work?

Why the Mercedes IR key might not work? With the problem of efficiency, write or rewrite key is forced to face almost any electrician and the owner of the Mercedes.

HOW TO: Using Seed Key Generator with Mercedes Vediamo.

How to unlock Mercedes-Benz M274/M270 MED40 Engine ECU with Vediamo Seed-Key Generator https://carscanners.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/videoplayback-2.mp4

New license for Mercedes Seed-key generator (Vediamo/Monaco)

SKGT06 update – Miscellaneous modules: In this function are added Seed -> Key generation for different modules. 27 05, 27 11 – Reprogramming, 27 01,27 09, 27 11, 27 0B

Opel Corsa D: chip-tuning

The heroes of today’s story are the Opel Corsa D car, the Check Engine indicator on the panel and a list of errors in the engine ECU. The car of

How to code Skoda Fabia via Abrites VAG commander

And so I decided to include functions to my brothers car) I read everything that I found on the expanses of the network. For the Fabia FL facades, new blocks

How to coding VW Transporter with Vag-Com interface

I tried to program the functions I needed in the machine with the VAG-COM lanyard. Everything turned out very simply and quickly. I will show by example the inclusion of

How to repair Mercedes w220 gearbox selector module

Hi, dear Mercedes drivers! Something bad was happened and on our customers car the selector of the automatic transmission began to fail, periodically lost the current speed. As it turned

Introduce BestDiagCar tool!

This Kit/Set is to make our life a lot of easier when we want to connect any of car’s module on the bench or create a network/ link between needed

Presenting new nice tool for Mercedes-Benz – Mercedes Extreme!

This Interface Is Designed For Programming A New Key When A Working Key Is Present. The Software Is So User-Friendly, That To Finish The Job It Is Enough Simply To

How do I reset the BMW Steptronic to factory settings? Easy!

Once again, reading the forums stumbled upon a tempo about the reset of the gearshift control adaptation. Today I decided to try it. Instructions copied below, while writing about the

All about Mercedes 7g-tronic gearbox (722.9)

Schematic, guide and repair solutions. On which cars was installed 7-speed automatic transmission of the 9-series Mercedes 722.9 from 2004 (G-tronic) is a work of art from Mercedes-Benz. It was

Mercedes-Benz C-Classe (w204 ). How to tune your car.

Wandering through the Internet in particular, sometimes ran into small and small-sized articles with secrets for the W204 … Some people mentioned at once several of the most popular and

Mercedes-Benz w210. Key synchronization.

I decided to create an article to help. The question is very common. Especially with the electronic ignition key I decided to collect all the ways in one place. I treat

How to enable key learning procedure in blocked FK72 KVM versions (Range Rover)

For Blocked FK72 versions: You need to remove the KVM, Read kvm mcu with any programmer (Xprog, upa-usb, orange ets…) and modify the below address 0x5E3F8: change from 0000000000000000 to

How to repair BMW FRM module – easy manual

How to repair BMW FRM module – easy manual  FRM module (BMW E90) was out of order when I hooked the positive terminal on the battery. How it was (client

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