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BMB X6 1

BMB X6 2

We all know that the best cars in the world are German! Ever since the times of the USSR, people have known and understood that there are no better cars. One of these brands, which began its work on the creation of aircraft engines, continued and continues to create true luxury cars – BMW.

This year BMW debuted its beloved BMW X6 at an exhibition in Paris.

Most cars of this brand enter the Russian market. BMW will come to us with two diesel engines – xDrive30d, M50d and with one xDrive50i gasoline engine.

In dimensions, the car has not changed much, has not significantly increased due to the amount of luggage, reaching 580 liters. In the case of folded backs of the rear sofa, the volume reaches 1525 liters. You will not see such a huge luggage compartment in a crossover of this class; in it you can put everything you need for transportation without any difficulties.

At the wheel of a car you will relax, no matter where and on which stretch of road you are on, you will be worried and will provide you the comfort of an eight-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. BMW creators take care of your comfort and safety.

Let’s look at each of the modifications that Russia expects..

BMW X6 xDrive 30d – This three-liter diesel engine holds a herd of 249 horses. The basic equipment will not make you bored, it is equipped with bi-xenon lights, comfortable and dynamic cruise control, the best anti-theft satellite system Professional, it is equipped with the latest multimedia and climate system.

BMW X6 xDrive M50d – equipped with a 3 liter diesel engine that holds 381 horses and a torque of 780 Nm. He, like the younger brother, is equipped with high-quality leather, all materials and electric drives.

The BMW X6 xDrive50i is unfortunately one 4.4-liter petrol unit containing 450 horsepower and a maximum torque of 600 Nm. This is one of the best, fast and comfortable crossovers in the world. It is also equipped with a sports package, in which it does not bother him to compete and concede to more serious racing cars. He may be either businesslike, strict and aggressive, or classic, understanding. This machine is designed for both male and female.

Most people in the world dream of such a car, buy and drive your dream.


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