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BMW 1-Series 2016

BMW 1-Series 2016 1

BMW 1-Series 2016 2

The German company BMW has restyled 3 and five door hatchback 1-series. Specialists were not limited solely to external changes, but also to power units. As a result, the car got another front bumper with a chrome-plated radiator grille, the headlights received built-in LED daytime running lights and L-shaped original taillights. In addition, the color gamut of the modification includes 13 shades, consists of 10 metallic colors, and Estoril Blue is also available only for the BMW M135i version.

The BMW 1-Series Automobile Salon has undergone point changes in design. The insert located on the center console surrounds the controls of the advanced multimedia system and advanced climate control; now it is glossy, not matte, as before. For the first time, chrome trim appeared at the air ducts; the material used to decorate the seats improved significantly. As standard equipment, a BMW Professional radio head unit and a 6.5-inch touch screen are used. In addition, the list shows an infotainment system with an 8.8-inch screen and modern twelve-component speakers from Harman Kardon with a total power of 360 watts.

There are five seats in the five-door hatchback reystaling, as for the 3-door car, there are separate seats for two passengers at the back. At the request of the buyer, the manufacturer equips the car with standard seats for three at no extra charge. The luggage compartment of the BMW 1 Series 360 liters. In the case of folded rear seats, the volume is about 1200 liters. The model range of BMW 1-Series engines includes five gasoline and diesel units, with a power range from 109 horsepower to 224 horsepower. Usually under the hood of the sports version of the BMW M135i is the traditional “six” V-3 liter, generating 326 l / s of power, and 450 Nm.

The updated hatchback, is aggregated by a 6-speed “mechanics” with a drive to the rear axle and can reach the “first” hundred on the speedometer in just 5.1 s. Modification of the car 4WD (xDrive), usually equipped with an 8-level “automatic” Steptronic, can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour, in only 4.7 seconds. The M135i is equipped with light-alloy alloy wheels and raznoshirokie tires with parameters 225 / 40R18 front, respectively rear / 245 / 35R18 for effective grip.

A few words about the most economical model – BMW 116d. A three-cylinder V-1.5 liter diesel engine is installed on the car, it is capable of delivering a power of 116 l / s, the magnitude of the torque is 270 Nm. Average consumption of hydrocarbon fuel 3 liters 400 grams per 100 km.

Sale of updated models in Russia will begin in May 2015. The proposed price list contains three models – 118i Sport and City Lines; the price starts from 1,672 thousand Russian rubles, 120i is 1,909 thousand rubles, the top M135i is estimated at 2,480,000 Russian rubles.


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