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BMW 1 Series Car

BMW 1 Series Car 1

BMW 1 Series – a fast, dynamic car

BMW 1 Series Car 2

If you look at the body of the BMW 1 Series, it immediately becomes clear that this car is able to demonstrate excellent dynamics. A swift silhouette, a long hood, elongated side lines and short overhangs – all this emphasizes the sporty appearance of the BMW-1. There is not a single distinct angle in the outline of the machine, so that the aerodynamic characteristics of the machine are at a very high level.

Salon BMW-1 is designed for landing of four people. This is emphasized by the fact that in the back there is not a traditional sofa, but two full-fledged passenger seats. All car seats provide tangible lateral support, have a low seat, and can be adjusted over a wide range. The line of windows, after you find yourself in the cabin, will be at shoulder level, making it appear that you are sitting in the cockpit. Optionally, the interior can be equipped with sports seats with adjustable seatback width..

On the dashboard, controls and controls are optimally placed. All major functions are distributed around the steering wheel. Therefore, the driver often does not even have to stretch out his hands in order to use the controls. In this car, the ignition process is originally implemented. Instead of the ignition key, a plastic keychain is provided, which is inserted into a special slot on the control panel. After that, just press the button and the engine will start. The key fob recharges directly from the slot.

Despite the fact that the BMW-1 is more like a sports car, it has a spacious boot capacity of 330 liters, which can be expanded to 1150 liters.

Technical, optional equipment

The BMW 1 Series is unique in that it has rear-wheel drive. The choice of just such a solution is due to the fact that the rear-wheel drive allowed the engine to be placed longitudinally. Accordingly, the center of gravity of the machine turned out to be low, which allows the power unit to give maximum traction. If you decide to buy a BMW 1 Series, you will be offered the option of equipping the machine with one of three gasoline or two diesel engines. In the top version, the car is equipped with a 256 liter gasoline engine. with., in a basic complete set the gasoline engine with a capacity of 115 l. from.

All power units can operate with automatic transmission, but for a minimum fee the car is equipped only with a manual gearbox. When choosing a car, it will be better to give preference to automatic transmission, as it will provide the car with better maneuverability, if necessary, the transmission can be switched to manual gear shifting.

The BMW-1 options include a set of active safety features. Among the additional equipment, the buyer of the car can choose bi-xenon, a multimedia system with the ability to connect external devices via wireless.


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