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BMW 118i F10

BMW 118i F10 1

BMW 118i F10 2

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the smallest BMW?

Appearance is ambiguous. In front – this is a hundred and one percent BMW. Branded grille with two cooling compartments, angel eyes and a sports bumper. However, if you look in profile or from afar, then doubts about identifying the brand and model can crept in – after all, everyone is used to seeing Bavarian cars in a slightly different, brutal image that the X5 and sedans of the fifth, seventh series presented.

But inside it is still a real BMW! Analog instruments, but with an on-board computer liquid crystal display, as before – with a tachometer located on the right side. The center console with a concise air conditioning unit and a multimedia display is deployed to the driver. High quality finishes and soft plastic, along with a high level of ergonomics, traditionally complete the magnificent image of German performance.

An unremarkable-looking driver’s seat is located low and has a wide range of adjustments, among which there is a change in the width of the lateral support rollers. In the back row of hospitality you can not wait. The knees rest against the backs of the front seats and the side rollers of the sofa are squeezed in the shoulders. The trunk is equal to the volume of 342 liters – it is quite enough to place packages with products, but you can’t count on more.

A 1.6-liter turbo engine develops 170 horsepower and 250 Newton-meters of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is the only transmission option with this engine..

Rides a penny fun. The motor easily spins from the bottom under the bass growl, and accelerates the car to the first hundred after 7.5 seconds. The maximum speed is also impressive – 222 km / h.

Such capabilities of the power plant allow you to compete on equal footing with executive sedans, and even win some of them traffic lights.

Manageability is no less hazardous. The steering wheel is heavy, poured with a “live” effort, it allows you to very accurately feel the behavior of the car in a corner. Rear-wheel drive and oversteer – no other way. Those who are frightened by such a combination should look for another car, because the beauty of BMW lies precisely in cornering on the verge of a possible human psyche and chassis.

You have to forget about comfort. But who will it upset? Indeed, even passengers enjoy driving pleasure. And if they’re not happy, well, don’t! Lighter weight – higher dynamic potential. This is a car for driver and bast.

Who will buy the BMW 118i F10? Obviously, this will be a person who prefers small volumes and great features of the car in terms of driving qualities. Women will also be interested in this small little car, but more as a fashion toy. Strongly not suitable for people with a family.


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