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BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer – the best family car

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer - the best family car 1

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer - the best family car 2

If you decide to buy a family car, you will most likely prefer to pay attention to vehicles with a spacious interior, a roomy trunk and a high level of security. The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer compact van has all these qualities and many other advantages. On this car you can go to nature, make a trip to the shops, go on a car trip.

Despite the rather large dimensions of the body, the front of the car looks dynamic, modern, stylish. This combination of qualities was achieved due to the “muscular” hood, unusual head shape optics, a bumper with a central neckline and fog lights. Many elements of the front of the body are decorated with chrome trim.

The profile of the compact car under consideration, thanks to the strongly inclined rear and front struts, the sloping roof, the ascending line under the windows, looks quite dynamic. On the wings there is an original stamping, which gives the car more personality. At the rear of the compact van, stoplights located on a step and a double exhaust pipe attract attention.

Interior decoration

The Gran Tourer has three rows of seats. Moreover, the seats of the second row are arranged in such a way that they can be adjusted separately. Due to this, you can transform the interior of the machine as you see fit. For example, armchairs can be turned into full-fledged beds or set a dining table between them. The third row of seats is full, that is, passengers do not have to cram. Moreover, third-row passengers will be able to place various items, glasses, plates with food in specially designed niches.

The front panel of the Gran Tourer looks modern. It houses a large number of control keys and control devices, among which a large monitor of a multimedia system stands out. Where the console goes into the central tunnel, the climate control unit is mounted.

Four-wheel drive Gran Tourer is provided by the inclusion of a multi-plate clutch, of course, that when the clutch is disconnected, the drive is transmitted to the front wheels.

The considered modification of the compact van is equipped with a unique two-liter gasoline power unit. This engine is equipped with a twin scroll turbocharger, a Valvetronic system and a gas redistribution system. Thanks to the operation of these systems, the motor is capable of delivering power up to 195 liters. from. Acceleration to hundreds takes no more than seven and a half seconds. The engine operates with an automatic 7-speed transmission.


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