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BMW 320 F30

BMW 320 F30 1

BMW 320 F30 2

BMW can not be confused with any other model and brand. She has traditional signs that will not let her get lost in the gray mass of cars – this is a proprietary radiator grill, “angel eyes” and an eagle profile that carries aggression. This happened with the current F30, which absorbed all the best in appearance. A convex and long hood, LED rear optics and expressive body lines distinguish the German sedan from the rest of the car stream, and competitors – in particular.

The interior pleases with high-quality materials and verified ergonomics. The center console is traditionally turned to the driver, the display displays navigation and a picture from the rear view camera. The dashboard acquired a liquid crystal trip computer, but retained the previous location of the tachometer on the left side of the instrumentation.

The driver’s seat has many adjustments made by the servo. The driver of any build will be able to choose the right configuration. The profile is also good, but lateral support could be more powerful. The rear sofa is comfortable only for two passengers, the third no longer has free space.

The four-cylinder engine is equipped with a turbocharger and with a volume of two liters produces 184 horsepower. According to the technical specifications provided by the automaker, the first hundred is given after 7.8 seconds at a maximum speed of 223 km / h. Automatic transmission – eight-speed.

In movement, the three are agile and reckless. The motor is enough always and everywhere – and overtaking, and at traffic races. The car loves sharp accelerations – the accelerator pedal is responsive, and at any time ready to fulfill any whim of the driver. The automatic transmission is also not far behind, the first three gears of which are short, which enhances the subjective feeling of excellent acceleration dynamics.

In corners, the BMW shows an enviable tenacity and good directional stability, despite the rear-wheel drive. The steering is crisp, with sporty steering effort and excellent feedback. Like any other Bavarian, treshka allows you to misbehave the driver – you just need to disable the stability control system. Then the car becomes even more relaxed, with an emphasis on oversteer and skidding, but requires certain driving skills.

Do not think that if this is a BMW, then – a mad stool. Not at all. F30 shows noble manners when driving quietly. The ride is quite suitable for long trips – the suspension is not soft, but elastic and medium-sized bumps swallows a bang. Noise isolation does not allow aerodynamic noise into the cabin, and the engine growls unobtrusively even with intense acceleration.

And what is the outcome? BMW 320I in the back of the F30 perfectly copes with the role of a family car. But the active driver will also like the dynamic engine and the gambling chassis..


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