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BMW 340i 40th Anniversary car

BMW 340i 40th Anniversary car 1

BMW 340i 40th Anniversary – anniversary presentation!

BMW 340i 40th Anniversary car 2

The Japanese have witnessed a wonderful performance – a demonstration of the anniversary sedan, in honor of the fact that for 40 years the BMW 340i has pleased us with its presence in the market. The most important thing in this new product is that it is a true exclusive, because the developers decided that only 20 people around the world will use this excellence. By the way, all this will cost almost 71 thousand dollars, although there are more expensive options. What is equally important is the car’s equipment, which is supplemented with all sorts of chips, and even those that would look nice in serial production. Iron also fitted excellent, from a sports modification, because absolutely all two dozen owners will be impressed by what they fall into the hands of.

The heart of the car is the 3.0 liter unit, which is generously rewarded with twin turbocharging. The indicators familiar to all warm the soul: 326 horses and a very worthy moment of 450 Nm. Adds modernity to all this automatic, which has 8 gears. The dynamics, like for a sedan, are very impressive, since not every car in this class is ready to squeeze a hundred in 5 seconds, and the standard maximum of 250 km / h undoubtedly gives hope that the acceleration at any speed will feel as it should . Very impressive is the fact that the consumption at such power is very balanced, with average performance of less than 7 liters per hundred, this sedan deserves praise. In such a unique model, there were some features. For example, a special blue color, a repainted radiator grille, elegant 19-inch wheels and ubiquitous aluminum inserts, which looks very cool. Inside, there are also innovations, and they touched some inserts, to refresh the look, and seats. New skin, and even heating – all at the highest level. This whole set is emphasized by an audio system that will introduce soulfulness in the car, and maybe drive, at the right time.

This is not the first time that such releases have impressed others. It’s quite a shame just for one thing, because manufacturers do not try so much for customers in conventional car variants. Although, it is quite obvious, then they would have nothing to give us, so that everyone would be surprised and rejoice at some little things. There is still a lot of exclusivity, with even steeper engines, with better finishes and music, so you just have to wait for the next anniversary to get a unique model in time.


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