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BMW 5-Series Touring VI generation

BMW 5-Series Touring VI generation 1

BMW 5-Series Touring VI generation 2

Test the Bavarian station wagon BMW 5-Series Touring VI premium. What are its advantages?

The fifth series of the sixth generation in its body line has Touring station wagon. The range of power units of the BMW 5-Series Touring consists of two gasoline engines with six cylinders and two diesel “sixes” of two and three liters, respectively – 184 and 245 horsepower.

The test fell on a two-liter turbodiesel, which is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. But an eight-speed paddle shifter is also offered as an alternative.

Is this power plant not enough for a car weighing 1700 kilograms and a length of almost five meters? You should not be afraid: for a normal measured ride, the engine’s potential is enough. The speedometer needle can go over 200 km / h without any difficulties.

Of course, sixth gear lazily accelerates the car. The situation is saved by a quick transition to a lower step, the benefit of the clutch pedal is light, and the gear lever moves are clear and short. At full load, which is equal to 650 kilograms, responses to the accelerator pedal become unhurried, but this is predictable. In this regard, you need to maintain the tachometer needle in the high-speed zone, and this, in turn, creates not very pleasant noise in the cabin, but with normal acceleration, acoustic comfort is excellent.

A full-chassis chassis gives excitement in the behavior of the car: when you need to park the BMW 5-Series Touring as if it is shortened in length, the secret is simple – this is due to the fact that the rear wheels rotate in the opposite front side. At speeds exceeding 60 kilometers per hour, all wheels begin to turn only in one direction, which creates the prerequisites for high stability. If we talk about fuel consumption, the on-board computer with a combined cycle shows 6.5 liters per hundred kilometers.

The luggage compartment can easily accommodate even a washing machine, and with all this, there will still be a place. Of course, the fifth series is not the most spacious station wagon in the segment, but the ease of use puts the car at a rather high position relative to its competitors.

The cargo compartment has a regular square shape. The threshold, which the designers protected from possible scratches with a steel plate, and the site itself are on the same level with respect to each other. Using the remote control of the central lock, you can use the button to open both the back door completely and the glass separately. At the same time, the tailgate is also equipped with an electric closing a la mini elevator, and the glass is traditionally closed manually. The tailgate will fold automatically if you need to get inside, and after the load is stacked, it will also return to its place to prevent unnecessary and unnecessary glances outside the cabin.

The aperture at the trunk is quite large, and if for some reason there is still not enough space, you can pull the levers on the sides, and the back of the rear seat will fold, which will increase the depth of the platform to almost 2000 cubic meters. Closer to the backs of the front seats, the platform bends a little upward, but when loading heavy objects, it still leveled and becomes flat.


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