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BMW ActiveHybrid: season news

BMW ActiveHybrid: season news 1

BMW ActiveHybrid: season news 2

The novelty from BMW will appeal to everyone who likes inexpensive and high-quality cars with wide capabilities. Such machines were originally created to aggressively conquer the markets of developing countries or countries with great needs for simple and high-quality machines. Cost reduction was achieved in a harsh way – the engine was made reliable, powerful and of high quality, but it does not even think about carbon dioxide emissions and how much fuel it consumes. There are options for equipping engines with 8 or 12 cylinders, and each of them is much better than traditional six-cylinder engines. But it is precisely the above indicators that can scare. Moreover, one engine is gasoline, the second is diesel. The second is much more popular in the respective markets. In the seventh series of these machines there is a special model on which an electric motor is installed, which corresponds to the general strategy of the company, which positions itself as a fighter for environmental friendliness.

In general, the new car of the seventh series is completely similar to the brothers. The design can be called already gradually leaving. It has a slightly longer wheelbase and a slightly lower clearance for third countries of 152 mm, which means the ability to touch large hillocks, if you do not go around them carefully.

The sedan is made in such a way as to claim a luxurious look: there are rum lining in the fog lamps, a camera for creating the night vision effect appeared between the grill strips of the carburetor, the rims of the LED headlights have the shape of the company’s own trademark. It all looks a little childish.

In the interior, the best leather and the quality of all materials is traditionally for BMW only at the highest level. The seats are adjustable without separate steps, rounded, very comfortable and ergonomic. In the space of the car, even four large men will easily fit, without interfering with each other. In the case of installing an electric motor, the rear space is somewhat eaten up, and there is not very much of it there, although 360 liters of luggage compartment is not enough by any standards.

The car has a full range of high-quality equipment and multimedia, including side cameras and rear-view cameras, all 8 airbags for each passenger – an entertainment system, personal climate control. Unified control system for all functions.

The machine has an air suspension that adjusts itself, which makes it extremely flexible even on gravel. The elongated wheelbase and relatively low ground clearance lead to the fact that the car can catch the speed bumps. It is very easy to control the movements, the maneuverability is excellent, but in the environment of smaller cars you need to behave more gracefully. Parking made easy thanks to numerous cameras and parking sensors.


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