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BMW car 7 2015

BMW car 7 2015 1

BMW 7 – 2015 innovation and luxury

BMW car 7 2015 2

BMW is fighting hard for a leading role among luxury car manufacturers. Having faced a desperate challenge to its main competitors (Audi A8 and Mercedes S class), BMW introduced the world public to the sixth generation model of the BMW 7 Series, with a large number of luxury elements and technological innovations: a lightweight design, improved driving dynamics, an intelligent interior interface.

The restyled BMW 7, released in 2015, has retained the visual identity of the previous generation model. Changes in the traditional silhouette are visible only in a stronger tilt of the rear window and luggage compartment lid, air ducts on the side mirrors and wings – all this betrays the stylish streamline body. BMW 7 Series models can have a wheelbase in two versions: regular (G11) and extended (G12).

The updated BMW Seven is characterized by a minimum fuel consumption for premium cars, as well as various combinations of its consumption. For example, the BMW 7 Edrive variant can run on electric power. A full electric tank is enough for a 40 km trip with a maximum speed of 120 km / h. After, the car needs to be refilled from the home outlet again. It takes about four hours to charge the battery..

For classic fuel options, both gasoline and diesel 6 and 8 TwinPower turbo engines are provided, with a maximum power of 450 horsepower and a speed of 250 km / h. Automobile fuel consumption, depending on the configuration, varies from 4.5 to 7.9 liters. Reducing the weight of the BMW 7 by 130 kg compared to its predecessor, provides high performance and acceleration in just 5.8 seconds to 100 km / h.

BMW details are interesting when viewed from the front. The radiator grill, which has become slightly larger, is equipped with valves that open to increase the air flow to the engine. LED headlights with laser lighting provide greater visibility at night. Sills decorated with stylish chrome molding. The frame framing the glass of the rear door is made of a single piece of aluminum, which is very difficult and expensive to manufacture, but the luxury class requires the beauty of details.

The intellectual potential of the BMW 7 is equipped with an innovative remote control function, parking. The awkward problem of exiting a vehicle in narrow garages or walkways is now a thing of the past. The driver just needs to get out of the BMW 7, and then control the car parking using the BMW remote control.

The interior of the BMW 7 has not undergone major external changes: materials, design, decoration – everything corresponds to a premium car. BMW developers have taken a major step forward in terms of interface. In the cabin, in a convenient location for the driver, there is a large screen with touch and gesture controls. The interior and rear seat are more like a business class aircraft. A special reclining stand in the front seat allows the passenger to stretch their legs and relax. The central armrest also has a built-in touch gadget-remote control, with which you can control the numerous functions of the car interior (climate control, volume), as well as a small table that will allow you to sign business papers on the way.

BMW has traditionally created an automotive future, but the best way to predict the future is to create one. Thanks to the introduction of the latest innovations, increased comfort and modern design. The new 2015 BMW 7 is a high concentration of the latest technology and high luxury..


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