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Bmw e34

Bmw e34 1

Bmw e34 2

One of the most popular and sought-after cars in the 90s was considered the German handsome BMW E34. In general, only businessmen or criminals could afford to buy such a car in those days. In general, this is why a large number of people have developed a kind of stereotype that BMW cars are bought mainly by people who earn their income in an unfair way..

As for the present time, despite the considerable age of this car, it is still in demand and is valued primarily for its prestige. However, in addition to its prestige, the BMW E34 has a huge number of advantages.

Typically, these include automatic transmission, electronic control assistants, air conditioning and much more, which creates a fairly high level of comfort.

Among the most important positive aspect undoubtedly include its engine. Since, first of all, the motor of this particular brand of car is considered one of the most reliable. And if we look at it in more detail, it is worth noting that the BMW E34 was attended by a line of several engines. As a rule, it could be a 4 and 6 cylinder gasoline preparation, a diesel engine and an engine with a timing system.

With all this, it is worth noting that the 6-cylinder engine was considered the best, since the 4 was very sluggish and was not very reliable. As for diesel, in general, this provided a very risky business. But the V6 engine is very dynamic and quickly spins. However, in this case, therefore, the fuel consumption will be very serious.

And if the topic touched on negative aspects, then despite the fact that this car is the standard of its sphere, negative aspects are still present in it..

In particular, the disadvantages of the BMW E34 include frequent engine overheating. This is due primarily to the fact that the motor has quite serious dimensions and a longitudinal arrangement. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the motor overheating and if it is prevented in time, then this disadvantage can be eliminated from among the negative qualities.

The second negative point is the malfunction of the motor sensors. The solution to this kind of situation can be periodic cleaning of contacts or their replacement.

Also, the control unit and the heater malfunction in the cabin can be considered a very vulnerable spot of the BMW E34. Moreover, with regard to heating, it does not matter if there is a stove or air conditioning in the cabin, this kind of flaw takes place.

But in terms of one of the most important negative qualities stands the price value of certain parts that are necessary as a result of breakdown. However, in general, it is worth noting that sometimes this kind of problem is considered very far-fetched, as some did BMW E34 do not differ in price value, for example, stay the same Toyota or Honda.

In general, I want to note that undoubtedly this kind of car requires a very serious approach in terms of repair and maintenance, but all this is justified.


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