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BMW M3 F80 – goodbye aspirated

BMW M3 F80 - goodbye aspirated 1

BMW M3 F80 - goodbye aspirated 2

Last year, the new BMW M3 was one of the brightest new products. Let’s try to figure out why this car received worldwide recognition from fans of the brand.

You need to start with the appearance of the new MKI. It is made in the best traditions of modern BMW design. From all sides, the car looks perfect. Swollen wings, aggressive bumpers, traditional “M” nameplates. All this gives the car even more aggression..

Headlights, unlike the civilian version, are fully LED. A carbon roof, a four-barrel exhaust system and large M-style wheels complete the image of a sports car.

The price of such a machine at the current rate is almost 4 million rubles, which is comparable to the BMW 5 Series in the middle configuration.

Everything in the car is made so that it seems more athletic. Engineers struggled with overweight and tried to save a lot. So, for example, doors weigh very little, it feels not very reliable, but technically very thought out.

Comfort in the car, of course, not so much as in the usual three-ruble note. However, switching to comfort mode, you can easily move around the city.

The interior of the car is not very different from the usual treshki with an M-package. The same steering wheel, the same carbon inserts. But this is even a plus for owners of the civilian version because now even they can feel like driving a real sports car.

Under the hood of the new BMW there is a good old row six with two turbines and a power of 431 hp.

Active fuel consumption is 30 liters per 100 kilometers, which is quite adequate for such power. With a quiet ride, about 15 liters come out on the same 100 kilometers.

In general, we can say that the company made a huge breakthrough forward. Having received quite a bit more power, the car began to drive many times better than its predecessor and this cannot but rejoice.


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