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BMW series 4 – add “unit”, add dimensions

BMW series 4 - add “unit”, add dimensions 1

BMW series 4 - add “unit”, add dimensions 2

The idea to separate all coupe models into a separate category was recently visited by engineers from Munich. Then the BMW GT soplatform series was released. This is understandable, against the background of a whole kaleidoscope of models of the 3rd series, the coupe required personality. But, in addition to the increased index, the BMW 4 has increased in size.

The latest generation of the F32, introduced in the USA, then still being only a concept, turned out to be wider and longer than its predecessor. In addition, the wheelbase was increased. The company’s developers again perfectly coped with the task. The machine is perfectly controlled, not afraid of sports maneuvering, and all this thanks to a well-thought-out axial weight distribution (50/50) and a low center of gravity. This gave the company’s marketers the right to declare that the BMW4 coupe, the most sporty model (serial) of all produced by the brand since its inception.

The exterior of the car body is very similar to the three, because they have a single platform. The same form of air intakes, headlights, grille. But in the 4th, on the sides of the wings there are aerodynamic slots. When developing cars in full compliance with international environmental requirements, all, without exception, BMW models, even the smallest cubic meters, are equipped with Eco Pro mode. The four, in particular, have a PDA (Proactive Driving Assistant) installed, the operation of which helps to use the kinetic energy of the machine as efficiently as possible, and significantly save fuel (20%).

With the new generation of the model, the most advanced power units work, for example, 428i (gasoline) with a turbocharger, 245 forces, acceleration to 100 km. less than 6 sec. If this is not enough, please have a more powerful 435i motor, 305 forces, it will make the drive even more active. You just have to abandon the manual transmission (6), and drive the car using automatic transmission (8) and all-wheel drive xDrive. In the collection of complete sets there are also diesel ICEs: 420d and M4, 450 forces.

The cost of the new BMW 4 starts at $ 41 thousand. This machine is the peak of technological excellence. Versions with xDrive all-wheel drive and an arsenal of additional options, up to autonomous control when driving in urban traffic jams, are priced slightly more.


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