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BMW X3 car

BMW X3 car 1

BMW X3 car in 2014 restyling

BMW X3 car 2

Last year, another restyling of the BMW X3 car was carried out. As a result of modernization, changes have occurred in the appearance of the body, electronic equipment has been replaced with more modern. The car began to be equipped with dynamic and simultaneously with these economical engines. In appearance, a narrow head optics, stretched to a radiator grille, attracts attention. Thanks to this, the width of the car seems to be larger than it actually is. In addition, the automaker improved the aerodynamic characteristics of the car by changing the shape of the bumpers..

Interior decoration

BMW is committed to giving its cars more personality. Therefore, when buying a car, you can choose not only the color of the car body, but also the color scheme of the interior among the many options. Armchairs can be lined with fabric, eco-leather, genuine leather, or a combination of these materials..

The steering wheel is multifunctional, trimmed in leather. The seats allow you to relax your back muscles, are adjustable in 4-10 directions, depending on the configuration. Adjustment is by mechanical or electrical drive. A touch screen is installed on the center console, which allows you to enter data by handwriting.

The car is provided with a lot of useful equipment. So, already in the base of the car, modern navigation equipment is installed, which is able to determine the most favorable route in terms of fuel consumption. Information from the dashboard is displayed through the projector directly on the windshield. In addition, special electronic assistants, if necessary, will independently switch the high beam to the low beam, stop the car if an obstacle arises in front of it. During the parking process, all-round cameras will help you assess the surroundings..

Powertrain specifications

BMW X3 is equipped with diesel and gasoline engines and when buying a car, you should give preference to a 190-horsepower diesel engine. It allows you to accelerate the car to hundreds in eight seconds at five liters of fuel consumption, which is the optimal ratio. Power units are equipped with a set of systems that allow you to save fuel, demonstrate excellent driving dynamics. Motors operate with an automatic or mechanical gearbox. In our country, the car is sold only with all-wheel drive.


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