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BMW X3 1

BMW X3 2

This article is dedicated to the review of the car, which was called the BMW X3. Here the main pros and cons of this car will be described, thanks to which many will be able to find answers to their questions.

The question that is of great interest to everyone is, of course, the fuel consumption in the car. In fact, this directly depends on the modification. But the average fuel consumption in the BMW X3 is not less than 11, but also not more than 12 liters per 100 kilometers. Before buying such a car, it is better to think about whether you can feed such a horse?!

The second very interesting question for everyone is the handling of the car. But the machine goes through corners without problems, doesn’t swing at high speed at all, but with regard to driving in winter on an icy road, you definitely need to purchase special rubber and only then all problems will be solved.

The engine of the car is very powerful. Only in time fill the oil and it will take you, although to the ends of the world.

One of the minuses of the BMW X3 is the slightly narrower interior. Although compared to many other cars of this class, the interior in the BMW X3 is quite large, but still a small increase would not hurt him.

The appearance of the BMW X3 surprises with its superiority and stylish design. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful cars of this class. As for the appearance of the BMW X3 to its manufacturers no complaints.

Unfortunately, in Russia, parts on the BMW X3 cost a lot of money. But if you save on such things, then your iron friend will quickly let you down.

The build quality of the car pulls on a solid four with a plus. Minor breakdowns are common, but large owners of the BMW X3 have to deal extremely rarely.

This is not the first time the Bavarians have confirmed the level of their skill. Thanks to them, everyone now has the opportunity to drive a BMW X3, enjoy the ride and control. The BMW X3 may be a very expensive car, but those who became its owners, having traveled on it for just a couple of weeks, were one hundred percent convinced that their money was not spent in vain and still do not regret a penny of money spent!


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