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BMW X4 1

BMW X4 2

Bavarians live by the rule when you get “less for more money” but less not in terms of the car or its characteristics, but in its dimensions, after all, a smaller copy of the BMW X6 costs almost the same as an older brother. What is so interesting in the new four that it is so bold to enter the automotive industry.

And here are the reasons: the design of the car is impeccable, measured lines, design, air intakes and branded gills immediately make it clear that this is the real “Beha”.

Nothing changes when you get inside, because there is at least the same brand asceticism and simplicity, but everything is done very competently (especially with respect to the driver).

Compared to the BMW X3, the car is tuned hard: sports seats, stiffer suspension, new springs and shock absorbers that migrated from the M-models. At the same time, BMW remained moderately comfortable, and on long trips turning on “comfort” you can easily enjoy the journey and play fuel-saving games with the car, since the “Eco Pro” mode is designed for that, it shows how many liters of fuel you saved 100 kilometers. In this combination, the consumption can drop up to 4 liters per 100 km.

This car is equipped by default with xDrive all-wheel drive system, as well as an 8-speed automatic (you can hardly understand whether gears are shifted), the box fulfills its work with lightning speed. You can choose from several engines: three gasoline and three diesel. All engines are equipped with Bavarian proprietary technology Twin Power Turbo, the most powerful of the gasoline line – a six-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 306hp and 405 Nm., Thanks to which this car gains a hundred in less than 6 seconds, and more precisely 5.4. Diesel engines have similar power with gasoline, but have great torque. According to the concern, from Munich, the engine remains the main and priority for them, namely on diesel fuel.

This car is made in the style of BMW, it is bright, beautiful, expensive and fast. But also it is universal and is perfect for use on our roads. Buying a BMW, you get not just a vehicle, it is a whole story and a sea of ​​emotions that will haunt your every day.


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