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BMW X5 F15

BMW X5 F15 1

BMW X5 F15 2

Everyone has long known the quality with which BMW has always been and is distinguished. Every year, the models of this manufacturer surprise with something new, previously unprecedented in the world of motorists. Old models are constantly updated and modernized, and new ones are striking in their uniqueness..

BMW X5 – the most iconic, most popular car company on Russian roads. His story began a long time ago, but so far this car regularly appears before us in new trim levels and bodies. This article is about the 2014 X15 F15..

When working on improving this model, engineers tried to maintain the inherent aggressiveness and recognition of the car, while making new significant changes. It is worth noting that they managed to fully. The new SUV really began to look even more aggressive, but at the same time, the design became more sporty and modern. All these changes make the car look very elegant..

Salon X5 really allows you to talk about the car as a representative of the premium class. Inside there is not a single extra detail, not a single extra button. Everything is located very competently, in its place. In front of the driver are absolutely everything necessary for comfortable driving. The new display makes it very easy to learn new features and quickly get used to them. When moving on an uneven surface, the display will show data on all the components that are currently involved (suspension). You can also control the electronic system using the buttons on the steering wheel.

The car is equipped with a very “smart” security system. It warns the driver of a possible collision, as well as a pedestrian. If the driver does not take any action, the machine automatically slows down and avoids a potential collision.

A separate word is worth saying about the car parking system. Due to the fact that the car is equipped with cameras on all sides, the driver can easily park the car even in the most difficult and inconvenient places.

The bottom line is that the new BMW X5 F15 is a very good premium car, but the price tag for this model, compared to other cars of this level, is very high.

Many motorists are worried about the question, will the new crossover justify their money? Is the new model really better than its predecessors and is it worth it to pay a decent amount for the brand?


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