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Bmw x6

Bmw x6 1

Bmw x6 2

The immense popularity of the BMW X6 has proven that criticism of the coupe-shaped body is in vain, the second generation is a vivid confirmation of this. The new car has become stronger, more muscular.

Not as dramatically as the exterior has changed the new BMW inside. Updated equipment appeared, the engine became more powerful. You can choose from a very wide variety of car versions. Gasoline at 3 liters and 4.4 liters. Their power is 306 and 450 hp. respectively. Diesel options include 3-liter versions with 258, 313, 381 hp.

The car received a platform from the brand new BMW X5. Externally, they are similar, only the bumper of the X6 is slightly different. Proprietary solutions to reduce air resistance have remained without major changes. This series of cars was quite recognizable before, but the new X6 became more muscular and expressive. The front of the car is more assertive and aggressive, while the taillights, on the contrary, are more elegant. All this creates the image of a fast, but compact car..

Salon, as before, is made in a strict and sophisticated style. The chic is here in every detail: leather dashboard, decorative trims and increased attention to detail. The manufacturer makes many options and equipment options for the new car. With all kinds of upholstery and trims, body colors and disc design, you get a huge number of options that make it possible to customize the car for yourself. You probably won’t find two identical BMW X6.

In the cabin, another form of the front panel catches your eye, a large touch monitor appears on top. Governing bodies are placed on former places. Background lighting can be changed in nine different ways. Commands to the navigator can be given by voice or by typing letters on the touch surface. A system for opening the trunk with a foot movement under the bumper is available for the car, a new parking assistant and night vision with the possibility of laser illumination of large animals and people. A refrigerator is built into the back of the rear seat. The seats have a lot of settings to adjust for a specific person. To everything is added and recognition of road signs, a collision warning system, cruise control and a traffic assistant in traffic jam and many other functions.

The salon has become much more spacious, more space in the trunk. The windshield projector is very convenient, it displays all the necessary data (speed, overtaking prohibition, list of radio stations and the like). The new engine is economical, but quite difficult to achieve..

Of the new options in the navigator, some options are not available for the CIS countries.


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