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Booking a windshield with foil

Booking a windshield with foil 1

Booking a windshield with foil

Booking a windshield with foil 2

The presence of an armor film for a car is far from new. This is a widely used service to protect car paint from scratches and chips. But not only the car body needs protection. Often the windshield also suffers from unforeseen damage – this is also a stone that accidentally flies out from under the wheel of the car in front and a bird that flies over the road suddenly, and this list can be continued for a fairly long time. All this can damage the glass, and its replacement is not pleasant pleasure, and not cheap. Therefore, a good option would be to use a protective film on the windshield.

Of course, the armor film is not a panacea and it will not make the glass super strong and will not protect against bullets, but the sense from it is still not small. You can also use this type of film not only on the windshield, but also on the rest of the glass.

How does the process of “armor” glass?

This is a very simple process – a particularly strong film of transparent color is glued to the glass. It several times increases the resistance of glass to minor mechanical damage. And these are not miracles, but the realities of life..

How does the film work?

When struck, for example, with a stone, the force of the impact does not concentrate at one point – the place of the impact, it spreads evenly throughout the film, thereby reducing the force of impact on the glass. Due to this, the chances of mechanical damage in the form of a crack or chip are many times less. It is also a good defense against burglars. Indeed, in order to break the glass for the purpose of profit – they will have to make considerable efforts.

But, like any thing except the pluses, there are also disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of the armor film, which is used to protect the glass?

– unstable to dust. It is very easy to harm her, that is, simply by scratching. For example, if there is dust on the wipers, then using them in the case, you can scratch the film and thereby reduce its transparency. But to deal with this drawback is not so difficult – just wipe the glass and wipers more often;

– when using a car, air bubbles may form between the glass and the film. On the one hand, this is not aesthetically pleasing; on the other hand, it disturbs and distracts the driver on the road.

That’s all the main disadvantages. There are not so many and much more advantages. Therefore, to refuse such a simple way to deal with mechanical damage to the glass is not worth it. But the decision is still with the car owner – that is, it’s yours.


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