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Budget car 2015

Budget car 2015 1

Budget car 2015

Budget car 2015 2

Every novice car enthusiast needs a practical and inexpensive car. You can purchase a budget Russian model in the range of 300-350000 rubles. True, air conditioning and other accessories must be added to this. The price in this case will increase to 400,000-500,000 rubles for the Kalina and Lada Granta models..

A driver with a large family can be advised a Lada Largus car five-seater or seven-seater with a large trunk. The cost of such a car will cost from 420,000 to a little more than 550,000 with a full set.

Among domestic budget models, the Niva is distinguished. You can buy it for 400,000-450000 rubles. It will be an excellent option for a villager, since there are no impassable roads for her. You can also offer Chevrolet Niva an American-Russian project costing from 490,000 to 590,000.

The phrase “The Chinese know everything” also applies to the auto industry. The Chinese car may well replace many foreign or Russian brands.

The Russian market offers today a lot of Chinese-made cars. Speaking about the budget option, you should stop at brands such as: Lifan Solano, Chery Bonus.

The price of Lifan Solano varies between 460000-570000. The car is quite reliable, often used as a taxi.

Chery Bonus will be sold for 390000 with the initial configuration, so the model is quite budget. Bonus 3 will be more expensive, from 460,000 rubles.

The company Geely prices compared with last year on their cars increased by an average of 90,000 rubles.

It is difficult to find a more or less democratic option among European brands. And those after the crisis have risen in price. For example, today it is known that with a sharp drop in demand for Chevrolet, Opel cars as a result of their price increase by more than a hundred thousand, they leave the Russian market. True, there is still time to buy cars of these brands with a 25% discount.

If the company Daewoo is silent about his departure, then it does not burn that she did not raise prices. The Daewoo Matiz car now costs 330-450 thousand rubles, and the Daewoo Nexia added more than a hundred thousand. You can buy it no cheaper than 375,000.

Recommended for purchase Renault Logan cars (440 thousand), Volkswagen Polo.

Cars Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris did not rise in price much, as they are equipped in our country.

Thus, due to the sharp rise in prices, many brands have moved into the category of expensive ones. In this situation, it is better to pay attention to the domestic or Chinese auto industry, or try to save up money for a more expensive car.


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