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Budget cars of 2015

Budget cars of 2015 1

Budget cars of 2015

Budget cars of 2015 2

Often it is the question regarding the purchase of a car that confronts a novice driver. With all this, the best decision in this case would be to buy an inexpensive and practical car. It is in view of all these circumstances, before you make a purchase, you need to figure out what budget cars exist today.

In addition, I want to note that almost every manufacturer has this kind of car line, regardless of whether it is domestic, Chinese or European. In view of all this, in order to determine which car this or that person needs to disassemble the cars of at least some manufacturers.

For example, if we take our domestic cars, then in general here almost the entire line belongs to the budget class. In particular, it is Lada Kalina and Grant. Their price value, as a rule, is about three hundred and fifty thousand rubles. However, when choosing, it is worth considering that this price includes only the initial configuration, in which such options as air conditioning, glass heating and many others are not included.

If we consider this kind of cars in a complete set, then their price value will be about five hundred twenty five thousand.

Everything else, a person can give preference to such a model as Lada Largus. First of all, it is famous for its spacious interior and large luggage compartment. As for its price value, it ends at around five hundred seventy five thousand rubles.

Also, do not forget about brands such as the Chevrolet Niva and its alternative Lada 4×4. However, it is worth remembering that these models are more suitable for residents of rural areas. The price value of these models as a whole does not exceed about four hundred ninety thousand rubles, although the most expensive Chevrolet Niva equipment may be five hundred and ninety thousand.

Next, you can consider the Chinese auto industry, which in general still belongs to the category of low-cost alternative options for a large number of foreign and domestic cars.

Now, Chinese budget models may well be equated with domestic arches. For example, Lifan Solano, its price value ranges from 465 to 570 thousand rubles. In general, this is a pretty good option for a budget car, because it is not for nothing that it is used in most countries as a taxi.

Another great car option from the same category is Cherie Bonus and Veri, its initial price is 390 thousand, and the maximum is 430.

But if you look at the European auto industry in terms of budget, then compared to previous years, the cheap segment has become much less. However, it still takes place, so Renault Logan can become an excellent option, where with a minimum configuration its price does not exceed 440 thousand rubles. However, if this car is equipped to the full, then it immediately leaves the line of cheap cars. In principle, the same can be said of the Volkswagen Polo. Its price can vary from 520,000 to 810,000 rubles.

In general, with a rise in price, this year a large number of cars from different countries of manufacturers have left the budget category. And in the event that a person intends to buy a new car, then he should carefully review the domestic and Chinese auto industries, and think, maybe it’s worth it.


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