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Budget cars – offers from manufacturers

Budget cars - offers from manufacturers 1

Budget cars: what car manufacturers can offer?

Budget cars - offers from manufacturers 2

For well-known reasons, the initial choice of any driver today is a practical and inexpensive car. We will not touch on the topic of buying already very cheap cars for fifty thousand rubles, but let’s talk about budget cars that can actually be purchased this year.

If we talk about the domestic auto industry, then almost all models are recognized as budget cars. This is also true for Kalina and Lada Grant, the cost of which starts from 310 to 350 thousand rubles. When choosing, it should be borne in mind that such a price is asked for for the initial configurations, which may not show up the necessary options, such as glass heating, air conditioning, multimedia, crankcase protection, and others.

The amount that will have to be paid for Lada Kalina and Granta cars in the basic configuration starts from 390,000 rubles.

A curious variety can be called Lada Largus cars – 5 or 7-seater compact vans designed for a large family. In addition to the spacious capacity of the passenger compartment, the car is equipped with an additional voluminous luggage compartment, which is useful if you have to transport quite a lot of things at work or in order to go to the country with the whole family. On the presented budget compact van Lada Largus, you can move all the seedlings from home and pick up the crop. It turns out that on weekdays it’s a “workhorse”, and on a weekend-end, cars turn into a family car.

At this time, the choice of cars at economical prices among Russian cars is not great, because in particular, prices for the UAZ Patriot crossover will start from 680,000 rubles for the basic configuration. And the stuffed “Patriot” with all the acceptable options will cost 800,000 rubles, which is neither budgetary nor practical.

The auto industry from China has always seemed an economical alternative to many foreign cars and even domestic cars. Due to the crisis, when the price of currency jumped, the cost of Chinese cars can compete with many domestic options, I do not mention foreign cars, the price of which is prohibitive.

Lifan Solano. The widest assortment of all kinds of models of the Chinese automobile industry is still represented on the Russian market, but we will talk about the most popular ones. So for the image of the budget option we put forward Lifan Solano, the price of which starts at 460,000 rubles and finishes at around 570 thousand. This is the best option for a budget sedan, because it is not in vain that in many cities the presented car is used like a taxi, which confirms its reliability and excellent price.

Also, do not bypass the car from China Chery Bonus / Very, the cost of which ranges from 380,000 to 420,000 rubles. Modification of the Bonus 3 will cost a little more expensive – from 450,000 for the basic configuration.


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