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Buying a car for dismantling – features, advantages and disadvantages

Buying a car for dismantling - features, advantages and disadvantages 1

Buying a car for dismantling – tips for selling a broken car

Buying a car for dismantling - features, advantages and disadvantages 2

Buying a car for dismantling or how to sell a broken car

The road is the place where anything can happen: a second carelessness of the driver, an unfortunate combination of circumstances and much more lead to accidents. So, your car is broken, what to do next? And then there are two ways: you can sell the car for disassembly or try to fix it. As a rule, motorists first choose the second option, but before proceeding with the repair, they calculate how much it will cost them, and then they get a round sum, they understand that the restoration will not pay off, they decide to sell the car for dismantling. But in such situations a lot of questions arise: how, for how much and where to sell the car for disassembly? Moreover, such questions, as a rule, arise in those motorists who first encountered a similar situation..

The very first thing that you should remember is that you don’t need to rush, whether it’s the first ad like “I will urgently buy a broken car” or an organization offering to buy a car for dismantling. There are disassemblies that offer the service of “buying cars for disassembly” of any models and brands. As a rule, such organizations have a lot of emergency cars in stock and they need to sell them, so they cannot offer car owners a normal price for a car. The price they offer will always be underestimated and there are reasons for this, first of all, the fact that servicing such disassemblies requires a large staff: mechanics, sales managers, accountants, etc. At the same time, they all need to pay salaries. As a rule, such companies offer urgent purchase of cars for dismantling, and it is “urgent” that is the key word of such a service. That is, if the client urgently needs to sell the car for disassembly, he will not sit and wait for someone to offer him a great price, that is, in such organizations, employees assume that the car owner does not have time for this. It turns out that if you apply for ads like “Urgent buying cars for dismantling”, then you should not expect a good financial offer, as the price offered to the car owner may be several times lower than what he expected to receive.

In order not to miscalculate and more or less profitably sell the emergency vehicle for disassembly, you need to proceed according to the following scheme. We stock up with patience and time, we begin to analyze all the offers of companies to buy out beaten vehicles in their region. To do this, you will have to purchase several advertising newspapers and start phoning all the relevant ads. You can also use the Internet, only in this case, look for ads on your car brand and in your region, as there are some showdowns that deal exclusively with vehicles of the same brand.

Before you sell a broken car for disassembly, study the order of prices, because in each region the business of emergency vehicles is quite developed, so there is high competition.

You also need to understand that you will not be able to get a high price for a badly killed specimen or a car after a frontal impact, even if the rear suspension and interior are in excellent condition. The body parts and the front of the car are considered the most popular at disassemblies, everything else, as a rule, is not particularly successful and can lie in warehouses for a long time waiting for the buyer.


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