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BYD Flyer

BYD Flyer 1

BYD Flyer 2

This Chinese-made model first entered the global car market in 2001 under the name QCJ7081 Fulaier.

In 2003, BYD bought the plant for the production of this model and in the fall the second generation of BYD Flyer II cars was released. In Russia, this model appears in the summer of 2005, the active sale of the model in the Russian car market begins only in December 2005..

This is a 5-door front-wheel drive hatchback, with rounded shapes in the exterior of the car. The shape and manner in which the car mirrors and headlights are made largely repeat the exterior of the Mercedes.

The dimensions of this model are: width 1470 mm, length 3605 mm and height 1470 mm., The wheelbase of this model is 2300 mm, the total curb weight of the model is 1095 kg., Ground clearance 150 mm.

Four adults can be accommodated in the car interior with sufficient comfort, although in principle the interior is designed for 5 passengers. In the interior of the car there is no superfluous luxury and decor, all the materials used are very practical and harmoniously combined in the decoration of the car. The instrument panel is equipped with a backlight of blue diode lamps, the windshield of the car is larger than the average size, which ensures high visibility of the road. In addition, this model has a very high ceiling and wide doorways, which gives the car additional comfort. The disadvantage of this model is the lack of rear window heating, which reduces the visibility of the road in the autumn – winter – spring period.

The basic equipment includes seat belts, radio, air conditioning, fog lights, rear ode and parking signal, remote control lock, full power accessories, in addition, the owner purchasing this model in the cabin can choose one of 7 offered body colors of the model.

For the Russian car market, this model is offered with a 3-cylinder gasoline engine, with multi-point fuel injection. Engine displacement of 0.798 liters with a capacity of 40 horsepower. The maximum vehicle speed set by the developer is 118 km / h. the consumption of this model will undoubtedly please any car owner with only 4.4 liters per 100 km, on the highway and 6 in the city. This type of engine is equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission.

Steering a car without hydro and electric power-rack-and-pinion type As for the car’s suspension, it’s very rigid and capable of coping with the problems of road surface.

The front suspension is independent of the McPherson type, and the rear is a dependent beam. Rack and pinion steering, without power steering. The dense rigid suspension adequately copes with potholes on the pavement. In a word, this economical and maneuverable car has become a very worthy competitor in the car market for many small cars. Both foreign and Russian production.


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