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Cadillac allante

Cadillac allante 1

Cadillac allante 2

The year 1987 was marked for the Cadillac auto concern with the release of the new Cadillac Allante model, created by developers to create an active competition for the Mercedes-Benz SL. For the car, the suspension and power unit were taken from a colleague in the Cadillac Eldorado workshop. Active sales of cars began in 1989, continuing until 1993.

The uniqueness of this model can be explained by many reasons. So the model body was designed and manufactured by the famous Italian company Pininfarina. The bodies assembled in full readiness were sent in the amount of 56 units by air, to Hamtramik – to the manufacturer’s factory, where the final assembly of the car took place, all in all, the assembly line of this model was the longest in the world – 5313 km. From the technical side, this model has incorporated a fairly large number of innovative solutions of the entire Cadillac model range, including the presence of the Northstar traction control system. The first engine for this model was an aluminum power unit of 4.1 liters with a capacity of 180 horsepower. In 1900, another more powerful engine was added to the sky with a capacity of 4.5 and a total capacity of 200 horses. In 1993, the developers again added the last power unit for this model, a 4.6 liter generating power of 290 horsepower, literally six months later it was improved and its power with the same volume was 295 l / s.

It is worth noting the fact that, in contrast to the standard rear-wheel drive, which is more characteristic of such expensive and powerful cars, the same model had equipment in the form of a front-wheel drive, in view of which it repeatedly received sharp criticism. Rear-wheel drive was preferred for such powerful models because of a more rational distribution of power between the rear and front axles, but this happened to the front-wheel drive, but to a much lesser extent, thereby reducing the controllability and, with it, the competitiveness of this model. But despite all this, this model had its finest hour in 1992, when, according to the results of the comparative tests, the car took the leading position leaving behind its competitors the Jaguar XJS V12 and Mercedes-Benz 300SL. This model was promoted to the leaders and its price remained unchanged, while the cost of the nearest competitors of this model almost doubled. The release of the model was suspended with subsequent completion was in 1993, all in all, 21 thousand of these models came off the assembly line.


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