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Cadillac ats

Cadillac ats 1

Cadillac ats 2

The sedan “D” class first appeared in public in 2009, and already in 2012 the mass production of this model began. Perhaps the most important difference in this model was its platform – the Alpha Platform related to rear-wheel drive platforms. The total curb weight of the car is about 1550 +/- 5 kg – becoming the lowest curb weight in the entire class. Such a noticeable reduction in vehicle weight was made possible due to the all-aluminum car hood, lightweight panels of all four doors, and a lightweight subframe for a car engine made of magnesium.

As regards the design, in spite of the appearance of a greater number of smooth lines, the well-known angularities so characteristic of Cadillac can easily be traced in this model. The chrome radiator grille and the vertical arrangement of the rear dimensions remained unchanged. But this model could not do without spectacular innovations, it has become the front optics, which comes already on the wings of the car. In a word, the exterior of the model very successfully combines the sporty features and elegance inherent in the entire Cadillac lineup.

Thanks to its rather large dimensions, the interior of the car is very spacious and comfortable, even during long trips. Leather and wood became the materials for the interior trim, and rough stitches of leather material in the door trim give the very notes of brutal elegance to the entire cabin. All seats in the cabin are equipped with a lateral support system, and with a position memory system – only the driver’s seat. Inside, there is an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment LCD system. The luggage compartment can not boast of large dimensions, only 290 liters, but it can be increased by folding the rear seats 1.5 times.

Among the power units of the Cadillac ATS, there are three gasoline-type engines, with a base power unit among them a capacity of 200 l / s and a volume of 2.0 liters, it is with this car power unit that it is also delivered to Russia. But the most powerful, alas, not accessible to Russian car lovers, is a 3.6 liter and 318 powerful unit with a torque of 362 Nm. All of the above options work with both mechanical and automatic transmissions..

This model, according to the developers, was created to compete with such world famous brands as BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class, Lexus IS and Acura TSX.


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