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Cadillac bls

Cadillac bls 1

Cadillac bls 2

This four-door sedan was introduced to the world public in 2005 in Frankfurt. From the very first moment of its creation, this front-wheel drive model was entirely focused on the markets of Europe, becoming the smallest model of the entire Cadillac family. The platform of the model is completely identical to the platforms used to create the Saab 9-3 and Opel Vectra models, differing from them only in large sizes: 4 meters 68 cm long car, 1 m 75 cm wide and 1 m 50 cm high, curb weight of the car is 1.5 tons.

Over the design of cars Cadillac BLS worked international company designer led by Ed Welburn. As a result, we got clear, finished lines of a wedge-shaped body and a very elegant and sophisticated interior..

The front of the car is delimited by vertical lines, in the center of which there is a chrome-plated radiator grill, which has become the brand of Cadillac. Power and reliability of the machine give volumetric side surfaces. The mounted front bumper with elegant fog lights in its lower part concisely completes the image. The back of the car is no less attractive than the front. The stop signal located in the central part of the trunk lid is not only a spectacular design move, but also a kind of spoiler.

The car interior is no less gorgeous than the exterior of the car. The main finishing material was leather and wood. Luxury and comfort, that’s how in a nutshell you can describe the interior of this model. The driver’s seat is not only convenient, it is ergonomic, all controls are in the most convenient location, without taking up too much, and without creating a feeling of tightness.

The range of gasoline units is presented in three versions with a turbocharging system. Two 2-liter with a capacity of 175 l / s and 210 l / s. And also a 2.8 liter more powerful unit with six cylinders, capable of delivering power equal to 250 horsepower. Acceleration of this unit to 100 takes only 6.5 seconds. The overall picture is successfully complemented by a turbodiesel with a 1.9 liter volume and a capacity of 150 horses. All of the above units are paired with 5 or 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

In terms of handling and maneuverability, this model is worthy of the highest praise among the entire model range of the manufacturer, it is also worth mentioning in relation to the safety of the model. Currently, developers are actively working on creating a sports version of this model..


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