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Cadillac converj concept

Cadillac converj concept 1

Cadillac converj concept 2

Detroit – General Motors has put on display the electric car, as a luxury vehicle, the concept model of the Cadillac Converj. They developed the car in the form of a first-class coupe, which has a bold design and many interactive technologies. The four-seater concept of this coupe shows how exactly the electric power unit evolved – GM.

Now this car confirms that the electric car has no compromises regarding design. Thanks to this technology, you can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h with free driving, and now you can easily reach 160 kilometers in range.

According to Bob Lutz, who is vice chairman of GM’s global product development, this is a logical continuation of their car development plan..

He clearly demonstrates what design Cadillac electric cars can have, and he also hints at the fact that the buyer may have a luxury car that demonstrates the robust construction and electric power unit, the total distance of which is 160 kilometers.

The aggressive design of the car, which demonstrates a tilt in the front of the body, is a reflection of a sporting position. In addition, a distinctive feature of this brand is Converj’s Cadillac brand, which speaks essentially about technology, advanced materials and dynamic capabilities..

The innovative Voltec engine consists of a T-shaped battery, a four-cylinder engine-generator, an electric drive.

The engine-generator creates a constant power supply for many hundreds of kilometers, until the moment when the car receives a recharge of the battery. The driver’s anxiety due to the low battery of the car is eliminated due to the possibility of an extended range of work. Converj, regardless of whether the mode is used – electric or advanced, constantly moves in an electric drive.


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