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Cadillac cts

Cadillac cts 1

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The location of the first show of the CTS model of the Cadillac branch, celebrating this century, the leadership of General Motors has chosen a prestigious golf club in Monterey, California. The novelty became a sensation of the “Elegance Competition” held in August or, in other words, a parade of beautiful cars of the past and present.

The “anniversary” Cadillac CTS rightfully became a party to the celebration, as it was created as part of the Glory of Art and Science program, adopted in 1998. It provides fundamental changes in the approaches to the design of the exterior and interior design of all Cadillac car models created “from scratch” in order to significantly increase the interest in the brand from potential buyers and increase the market share of this GM division in the luxury car sector. So far, the public has been able to appreciate the originality of only two concept cars – Evoq (1998) and Vizon (2001), which became the forerunners of production models with an avant-garde design that combines a promising range of Cadillac models from the beginning of the 21st century. CTS is the first production of them; its delivery to dealers is scheduled for the end of 2002. It is noteworthy that the model will be sold not only in the USA, but also around the world, where Cadillac cars are officially offered, and its design and ideology are very different from everything that buyers are used to in recent years.

The Cadillac CTS is a compact five-seater with rear drive wheels and a 3.2-liter V6 engine producing 220 hp. at 6000 rpm Considering that the designers tried to make it a powerful rival to the BMW 528i, the CTS is distinguished by a pronounced sporty character of behavior on the road, “refined” handling, a high level of design safety and comfort.

The appearance of the car is characterized by clean surfaces, clearly defined lines and slightly smoothed corners. A massive front bumper with a wide slot for air passage and almost square blocks of fog lights gives the car solidity. Sloping hood and high trunk lid – swiftness. In the side view, the large base of the machine and the high sidewalls, horizontally divided by a waist line, are noteworthy. Note that the design reflected the design elements inherent in the models of the past. The headlights, for example, have a vertical position of the light elements, similar to the 1965 Cadillac models. And the shape of the radiator lining recalls the 1934 model. Designers believe that such a symbiosis, adopted in the year of the centenary of the brand, will be well received by customers. The interior of the car is elegant and harmoniously combines both classic and avant-garde solutions. The rich materials of warm colors contrast with the cold screen of the on-board computer and high-tech elements. There is a limited amount of wood from which, in particular, the upper part of the steering wheel is made. By the way, without taking your hands off the wheel, using the buttons it is now more convenient for the driver to control the information system, including the navigator. The seats are upholstered in high-quality Nuance leather, their design fully complies with the standards of a typical American luxury car.

In terms of passive safety, the CTS is one of the leaders in the Cadillac range. Four pillows (two front and two side) and a pair of inflatable curtains can protect the driver and passengers both in the case of frontal or side impact, and in case of turning the car.

Creating CTS as a model with a pronounced sporting character, the designers paid special attention to increasing the traction and dynamic parameters of the machine and its handling. For the first time, Cadillac offers customers a car of the driver’s car category, i.e. a car driven by which the driver enjoys his responses to his actions, his ability to “keep his way” in any situation and in any weather, tirelessly overcoming hundreds of kilometers on it. In the US market, the Cadillac CTS will be sold with a 220-horsepower 3.2-liter V6 gasoline engine. At the heart of its design is the well-known “six” with a working volume of 3.0 liters, radically redesigned to achieve maximum power. In order to place a new engine in the engine compartment with two camshafts in the heads of each block, for layout reasons, the collapse angle of the blocks had to be reduced from 60 to 54 °! This is how a four-camshaft engine unique to Cadillac came into being..

In addition to the new unit, which is more rigid and durable, the steel crankshaft was strengthened, the cooling and lubrication systems were increased, fuel injectors operating under high pressure were used and, to reduce vibrations, a two-mass flywheel. A fundamentally new combustion chamber allowed to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases, and electronic control of the gas pedal – fuel consumption without loss of dynamics. For the same purpose, the intake and exhaust manifolds had to be redesigned. The result is a very compact, powerful, economical engine with high torque values ​​at low and medium speeds, slightly polluting the atmosphere. However, he will not be the only one to be installed on the CTS. For export modifications intended for sale in Europe and Japan, versions of the engine with a working volume of 2.5 and 2.6 liters have been developed. Their power is respectively equal to 168 hp. and 175 hp at 5800 rpm European engine modification complies with Euro-3.

For the first time in 20 years, a Cadillac car will be available with a manual gearbox. Getrag’s 5-speed gearbox, which has proven itself on the Australian Commodor model of the Holden subsidiary, has undergone major improvements, however, as is the cardan transmission, which is of Australian origin. The main change is the introduction of an intermediate support and an increase in the diameter of the driveshafts. To reduce the level of vibration transmitted to the body, the attachment points of the box were brought especially carefully. Serious work was done to reduce noise in the cabin. Even such a classic unit as the clutch of a car, and he was radically redone. On the CTS, the clutch is switched off with the help of a concentric hydraulic cylinder that distributes the load on the discs more evenly, while the driver notes the pedal is more informative, and the automatic adjustment of the clutch drive ensures stability of the assembly characteristics for a long time.

Those who still want to buy a car with automatic transmission, GM presented a real surprise. The new gearbox – the 5L40E 5-speed automatic (designed for BMW 5 Series Sedans and BMW X5 SUVs) is a true piece of engineering. It maximally implements all the advantages of electronic control. By pressing the buttons, the driver will be able to choose one of the 3 modes of operation of the box: “Sport”, “Winter”, “Economic”. The transmission is connected with PBS and an engine management system. For the first time, the GM automatic transmission was able to brake the car while driving in all five gears. The speed of its work is also impressive: the gears are shifted at the pace of the manual box of a sports car! Instead of the traditional mechanical locking of the torque converter, a new box uses a lock with a special electronically controlled clutch. It allows you to extremely accurately and smoothly control the process itself, which ultimately leads to lower fuel consumption and increased ride comfort.

The bright, dynamic design of a new passenger car, a powerful engine, a gearbox with a sporty character – all this implies the development of an appropriate chassis for the parameters, of course with independent suspension of all wheels and the most advanced kinematics. The new platform of the CTS model, which GM called Sigma, was created for these purposes. A rigid body base with reinforced fastening of the suspension arms through hinges of a special design should provide the car with excellent handling. The kinematics of the front two-link spring suspension and the rear, with five levers, were optimized on the computer screen. The choice of design with a short upper and long lower levers of the front suspension is explained by the fact that it is such a guiding device that guarantees the minimum displacement of the wheel contact spot in the transverse direction, which is necessary to achieve high directional stability.

For the first time, the longitudinal suspension arm of the front suspension is equipped with a hydraulic hinge damper to reduce shock and vibration transmitted to the body during sudden starting or braking. Both pendants are attached to the body through subframes, which is done to reduce the vibration load of the body. An aluminum alloy is used as the material of the suspension arms and the rear subframe. Kinematics of the rear suspension provides correction of the geometry of the suspension with the aim of better handling when exposed to lateral force. For the rigidity of the rear axle subframe, which is necessary for exact observance of kinematics, its elements are made by hydroforming.

Cadillac CTS is equipped with the most advanced rack and pinion steering with TRW power steering, changing its efficiency depending on the speed of the car. Four-channel ABS, an electronic brake force distribution system with temperature sensors for brakes and fluids in a hydromechanical transmission prevents the brakes from heating when the vehicle is moving downhill for a long time. Stability Trak system installed as standard.

Vehicle Specifications:

Dimensions, mm: 4828х1796х1440

Track front / rear wheels, mm: 1524/1524

Curb weight (kg): 1400-1427

Front / Rear Tire Size: 225 / 55H16 / 225 / 50VR17


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