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Cadillac sts

Cadillac sts 1

Cadillac sts

Cadillac sts 2

Cadillac is the oldest American automobile brand to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2002. It is no coincidence that it is called one of the symbols of America, along with Coca-Cola or Shuttle spacecraft. It was the motives of the Stealth spaceships and invisible planes that formed the basis for the new style of these cars, called the “Fusion of Science and Art”. Bold lines, mesmerizing faceted shapes impressed many first on the SRX SUV and CTS sedan, and finally found expression in the flagship. Models Cadillac STS.

With every detail, every line, this car declares its superiority and belonging to the high society. Unlike many German and Japanese competitors, the Cadillac STS captivates with a classic interpretation of the design of a luxury sedan. The powerful grille with the famous emblem framed by vertical headlights is somewhat akin to the aesthetics of Greek and Roman palaces and temples. It is no coincidence that the imperial spirit is so clearly present in this car, because it is no secret that many US presidents preferred the Cadillac brand as one of the official state symbols of power.

Everything changes and is filled with additional meaning as soon as you get in the driver’s seat and put your hands on the polished wood-trimmed steering wheel. We click on the “Start” button, which replaced the hopelessly outdated key, and the red arrows of the instrument panel come to life, joyfully rush to their limit values. You can only guess the full rumble of the V-shaped 4.2-liter Northstar engine, but all 320 horsepower and 425 Newtons of torque are ready to start. The alliance of “science and art” is fully manifested here – the Cadillac STS power unit is equipped with the most advanced systems: variable valve timing, electronically controlled accelerator pedal, variable-length intake manifold and many others.

Cadillac STS surprises with its dynamics, which you feel especially sharply, realizing how elegant and luxurious this car is. I don’t want to rush in it, on the contrary, I want to go, slowly collecting the admiring glances of passers-by and drivers of other cars. At the same time, the STS is ready to explode with energy, overtake or secure the driver during a difficult maneuver. The unique active Magnetic Ride Control suspension and permanent all-wheel drive provide the most efficient power transmission to the wheels and complete control over the movement. The suspension control computer module constantly monitors dynamic parameters and is able to change the stiffness of shock absorbers in real time. with a frequency of up to 1000 times per second. The car as if sticks to the road, does not roll in corners, does not crouch and does not bite during acceleration and braking.

The magnificent Salon Cadillac has earned rave reviews not only by fans of the brand, but also by experts who awarded him awards for the quality of workmanship and decoration. All this serves as a worthy addition to the very atmosphere of the cabin, set by the on-board computer network, which stores up to 40 personal settings for you and for another driver, which will be recognized by the second key fob. As soon as you open the door of your Cadillac STS, the position of the seat, mirrors, steering column, as well as the settings of the radio stations, climate control systems immediately occupy the position that you set them before, focusing on your taste and preferences.

The STS salon is also noble and full of inner dignity, as is its exterior. Thanks to the increased wheelbase, there is more than enough space and the passengers in the rear seats can afford to sit as they want. Inside, horizontal accents and flowing lines dominate. The Cadillac STS is driver-oriented, and the perfectly-shaped bucket seats and ergonomic gear selector speak of this. The optional Adaptive Cruise Control and Windshield Projection System options at the driver’s eye level add another dimension to the perception of the Cadillac STS as a true leader among the entire range of General Motors vehicles..


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