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Cadillac XTS: luxury and safety in one package

Cadillac XTS: luxury and safety in one package 1

Cadillac XTS: luxury and safety in one package

Cadillac XTS: luxury and safety in one package 2

General Motors introduced the 2014 Cadillac XTS, a more advanced model of its predecessor, the best representative of the premium class. The XTS model has a complete set of necessary functions, presented in a huge variety of seductive forms, in a word, beautiful design combined with innovative technologies. The Cadillac XTS is complemented by the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) – a special program that makes this beautiful car very comfortable to drive. This program is designed for easy access to information and will help if you need help. The interface provides an eight-inch touch screen built into the center of the dashboard, which works just like an iPad; as such, the program uses partly the same technology of “one touch” and voice commands. General Motors also offers a personal access key, which is also used on the iPad.

Cadillac XTS is presented in four classes: standard, luxury, premium and platinum. The luxury sedan is equipped with a magnetic damping system, which makes it look like superhero cars. The magnets provide quiet travel and impeccable controllability, which also leads to a favorable correction of stiffness with the introduction of magnetically reactive fluid into the shock absorbers. Under the hood, this baby has a volume of three and six tenths of a liter, a six-cylinder engine that produces 410 horsepower and 369 Nm of torque and all this is available to platinum and premium models. The remaining models have 305 horsepower. Four-wheel drive is basic in the first three models with extra cost at the base price.

The exterior of the Cadillac XTS is standard, with xenon headlights mounted on the roof of the antenna and 19-inch wheels that give the car a luxurious appearance, in general.

Inside the car is an exuding luxury dashboard. The car is equipped with a first-class multimedia system, an eight-channel Bose sound system and a parking assistance system. Leather seats have ten choices. This luxury car has an all-wheel drive, interior lighting and an adjustment system for the front row of seats, as well as improved lighting for daytime running lights and a rear view camera.

Passengers are in complete safety, because the car has a full range of functions, and in addition it has an anti-lock braking system and reliable grip, which in total ensure stability of control. The sedan is equipped with dual front airbags and side airbags. In addition, it also features special features such as lane departure warning, automatic collision protection and cruise control. Any model has a set of headlights that can be turned off during oncoming traffic, it is also possible to create additional parameters for the comfort of a particular client.


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