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Car accessories for children for safety and entertainment

Car accessories for children for safety and entertainment 1

Car accessories for children for safety and entertainment.

It is impossible to imagine human life in the modern world without a car. With the advent of the child in the family, this common truth finds new evidence. A lot of everyday activities related to traveling in a big city, traveling and moving make parents think about the safety and comfort of finding the baby in the car. It happens that getting into traffic jams or driving long distances, we spend a rather long time in the car. Therefore, it is worth worrying in advance that the next trip becomes a pleasant pastime, and not torture for you and your child.

Often, parents place the baby in a portable basket from the stroller in the front seat of the car or arrange it behind with a lot of toys, without thinking about its safety. The life and health of a child in a cradle, in the hands of parents or, worse, freely in a car, is exposed to great risk during emergency braking. Unsecured objects in a car during a sudden stop turn into a dangerous projectile. How to ensure the safety of a child transported in a car? Here are some guidelines..

Car accessories for children for safety and entertainment 2

You can only transport a child up to 12 years old when fastened in a special car seat or infant carrier in the back seat of the car. Currently, the choice of these accessories is huge and depends on the age, height and weight of the baby, on the size of the machine, and also on how long, in your opinion, they will have to serve. Infants who still cannot sit on their own are transported in infant carriers (beans), mounted on the back seat of the car and installed so that the child’s legs are facing the door. In such cradles, the child is fixed with soft straps, and protection for the head will be useful.

Older children, up to about one and a half years old, are transported in special carrying chairs fixed on the front (with the airbag turned off) or the rear seat of the car, facing the direction of travel. This situation is due to the physiological characteristics of a child of this age, namely, neck muscle weakness..

In the future, a chair is purchased for the baby, which is installed in the back seat mainly in the direction of travel. Since children of primary preschool age often fall asleep during the trip, such car seats have several tilt positions for comfortable sleep and wakefulness. It is very important to consider that the baby was comfortable in the chair. Otherwise, he will worry, and distract you from driving.

Children weighing 15-18 kg are in the car in chairs, in which, as the child grows, you can switch from internal to external seat belts, subsequently remove the backrest, leaving the seat. Such car seats are installed in the rear seat only in the direction of travel. For children aged 6-10 years, a lining seat is used, in this case, car seat belts are used for fixing.

If you are practical and plan to purchase a child car seat for a long time, then we recommend paying attention to universal transforming chairs that are suitable for a child from one to 7-10 years old. Older children can wear a shoulder harness if their height reaches 140 cm.

You can purchase additional accessories for the child car seat, which will ensure not only the safety of the baby, but also comfort during long journeys and frequent downtime in traffic jams. For a good mood of the child on the road and parental calm, it is important to create comfort for the baby in the car, entertain him. It is known that children cannot be motionless for a long time, fastened in a chair. To protect the back of your chair from the consequences of tapping on it with baby feet and at the same time keep your child busy, you can use an organizer case, in numerous pockets of which books, pencils and paper, baby’s favorite toys are easily placed.

On trips, a special car pillow is also indispensable. Due to its shape, it will allow you to correctly fix the head and significantly reduce the load on the muscles of the neck of the baby, as well as avoid injuries during sudden braking. For older children, you can use the pillow-pad on the seat belt, which will be comfortable to sleep on. It will also reduce the pressure of the seat belt on the child’s shoulder. There are overlays for a belt and without pillow.

For a comfortable trip, screens and curtains can be useful, which with special suction cups are attached to the rear and side windows of the car and are made of reflective materials, and the inside is decorated with vivid drawings and images of cartoon characters. They not only protect the baby from the sun, but also entertain him on the road.

However, do not forget that the most expensive toys will not be able to replace the baby’s communication with mom or dad. So that the child does not feel lonely on the trip, try to give him maximum care and personal attention.


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