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Car – accident statistics

Car - accident statistics 1

Car – accident statistics

Car - accident statistics 2

When you get into your car, bus or minibus, you probably wondered more than once “if only you could get there safely”, because it is not in vain that you wish a successful journey or a happy journey, but, unfortunately, quite often this journey just becomes unhappy and unsuccessful. Despite this, the car has firmly taken its place in our lives. Modern man simply can not do without transport. Meanwhile, statistics speak for themselves. Every year, 1,240,000 people die in road traffic crashes, approximately 17.7 people per 100 thousand of the world’s population.

Experts, comparing road deaths in different countries, gave Russia a disappointing 1st place among European and North American states. It is not surprising, because almost 19 out of 100 thousand people die in car accidents. This is due to the very poor quality of roads and terrible statistics, the so-called drunken accidents. In 2014, traffic police of Russia recorded 181.5 thousand accidents involving drunk drivers, in which 2900 people died. But it’s not just about the roads or the sobriety of the driver. Modern cars, acquiring more and more advanced engines and streamlined forms, are becoming faster. Hence the desire to push the gas to failure, show off in front of others with the power of their car. The so-called majors fly to “red” absolutely not thinking about the consequences. Several resonant accidents in 2012-2013 that occurred in Ukraine: a drunk driver knocked down 4 girls to death by flying a red traffic light, and less than a year later a BMW car that moved at a speed of 150 km / h in the morning rush hour and flew to a halt (then five people died, one of them is a child of 7 years old).

An important role is played by the safety of passengers and the driver themselves. Here, thank God, the firm hand of the Euro NCAP crash test committee is felt. This organization has existed since 1997. In 1997, the Volvo S40 was the first to receive 4 out of 5 stars for passenger and driver protection criteria. Although in February of the same year, at a press conference, automakers sharply criticized the rating system. The essence of the claim was that the criteria by which safety was evaluated seemed so harsh that not a single car could reach the level of four stars. 2001 was a new milestone in the development of safety for road users when Renault Laguna received 5 stars from NCAP for protecting passengers. From this moment, the requirements of standards have increased, in order to encourage manufacturers to strive for the coveted 5 stars. Since 2009, a new assessment system was introduced, in which the pedestrian protection was given an important role. The first safest cars were named Citroen C3, Mazda 6, Toyota Avensis, Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, Subaru Impreza and Toyota iQ LHD. But the driver is not always to blame. According to statistics, every seventh accident involving pedestrians is the fault of the pedestrians themselves. Transitions in the wrong places to the red traffic signal, drunk walks along the road and the like tricks lead to disastrous consequences. 70,000 traffic accidents involving pedestrians occur annually in Russia. There is also an acute problem with road lighting; in the dark, the risk of injuries not compatible with life increases by 43.9%. Which exit? Sitting at home and not going out, walking only in the field? If you approach the problem globally, then yes, this is the way out. True, it does not give a 100% guarantee that you will not fall under the tractor. But seriously, it is possible to reduce the accident rate and mortality on the roads, even taking into account the mentality of the Slavic peoples that this will happen to anyone, but not to me. Be more cultured on the road, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, and perhaps your forethought will save at least one life this year.


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